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Used, New & Rebuilt Tractor Parts. All States Ag Parts is a leading supplier of used, new and rebuilt parts for tractors and other ag equipment. We stock a extensive inventory of new parts for all makes and models of tractors, including late model and antique tractors. Even with our large new and rebuilt inventory, our specialty is used tractor. Shop for Tractor Parts & Accessories at Tractor Supply. Product Comparison. Traveller Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid, 2 gal., 591568. Universal Parts Buy online & save. Heads Tractor services sells a huge range of Tractor Spare Parts online including Massey Ferguson Tractor Spares and much more.

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Spinner, Aluminum Steering Wheel (black plastic coated knob)


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  • 7135-110 CAV DPA Injection Pump Gasket set for Massey Ferguson / Ford Universal Tractor / Injection - Fuel system.




Tractor splitting stands with rails

PART #: SP119888

  • This Tractor Splitting System is designed to assist service technicians with process of splitting tractor effortlessly, efficiently and safely while performing tractor repairs, maintenance, and inspections.
  • Supports weight of 10,000 lbs. per jack stand
  • Min Height 14.5″(without extension) / 18.5″( with extension)
  • Max Height 23.7″ (without extension) / 27.7″ ( with extension)
  • Rail Length 118″
  • Safety locking bolts on each jack




Tractor Separator - 10T

PART #: 150442

  • Made to service the higher horse power tractors safely and efficiently during repairs and maintenance.
  • Supports weight of 20,000 lbs. per jack stand
  • Min Height 19.6″/23.6'(with extension)
  • Max Height 29.1″ / 33″ ( with extension)
  • Rail Length 156.6″ with 23.6' Safety locking bolts on each jack stand




Tractor CabCAM Video System


Notes & Description
  • • Waterproof Camera: CCD Color with Audio, 28 Infrared Illuminators Allow up to 32 feet of Visibility in the Dark, Image Mirroring Function, Made to Withstand Off-Road Conditions
  • • 7'Color TFT LCD Monitor: Embedded Control Box for Direct Power Input for Cameras, AV2 Video Input f or DVD/ VCR, AV1 and AV3 Video Input to Hook up to 3 Cameras
  • • Front of Monitor: Color LCD Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, MENU Button, VOLUME Buttons, Channel Selection, AV1/AV2/AV SHIFT Button, VIDEO2 Input, Earphone Jacks
  • • Back of Monitor: Loudspeaker, AV1 Input Terminal, AV3 Input Terminal, Support Attaching Slot, Power Supply Terminal, Automatic Back-Light Switch, Manual Mirroring Switch for all Cameras
  • • AV Conversion Cable (A), Ball Swivel Mounting bracket with Adjustable Mounting Pad (B), Stationary Mounting Bracket (C), Power Supply Cable (D), Remote Control (E), Earphones (F), Backshield (G), Cigarette-Lighter Power Adapter (H),
  • Sunshield (I), AC Power Adapter (J), 65' Weatherproof Extension Cable (K) and 20' Weatherproof Extension Cable (L)
Kit Components7' Monitor and 1 Camera
Package Quantity1

$435.58 Retirement calculator python program.



Tractor CabCAM Video System, Wireless


Notes & Description
  • 200 yd barrier-free transmission range.
  • 7'TFT LCD Wide-Angle Color Camera
  • High Resolution monitor with antenna.
  • Four camera capability 2.4GHz wireless receiver with four channels.
  • Supports 12V automotive battery.
  • The monitor includes: power indicator, remote receiving window, POWER button, MENU button, SEL button, channel selection, loudspeaker, support attaching slot and power supply terminal.
  • (2) 1/3'CCD Weatherproof Color Camera: One Channel 3 and one Channel 4 camera. Infrared Illuminators allow up to 32 feet of night visibility, image mirroring function, made to withstand off-road conditions, audio capabilities.
  • Each camera has an antenna and a power supply jack. Cameras require 12V power source.
  • Accessories: Base-Mounted Remote Antenna with 9.75' cord, Ball Swivel Mounting Bracket with Mounting Pad, U-Support Mounting Bracket with Thumb Screws, 6 Pin Power Wire Harness with Jack for AC/Cigarette Lighter/DC Adapter, AC Power Adapter,
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter, (3) 3.25' DC Adapters, Sunshield, RCA Cable, Full-Featured Remote Control.
  • This system can be expanded to support up to four cameras.
Kit Components7' Monitor and 2 Cameras
Package Quantity1


Long/universal Tractor Parts



LED Flood/Spot Combo Lamp, 4000 Lumens

Universal Tractor Parts Ontario Canada

PART #: 8301642

Product Specific Notes (1)
  • • Type: CREE LED
  • • Beam Style: Flood/Spot Combo
  • • Raw Lumens: 4000
  • • Shape: Rectangular
  • • Dimensions: 4' x 6'
  • • Watts: 50
  • • DC Volts: 9-60V
  • • Amps (@12V): 4.2
  • • Plug & Play Connection, Minor Modifications Possible
  • • Recommended for Off-Road Application




CREE LED 8' Flood/Spot Combo Bar Light, 2640 Lumens

PART #: 8301656

Product Specific Notes (1)Turn heads and illuminate the roads ahead with our dual row LED light bars. These bars offer twice the lighting power and will make your off-road adventures more safe and more fun. Recommended for off-road applications.
Product Specific Notes (2)
  • Amps (@12V): 3
  • Beam Style: Flood/Spot Combo
  • Dimensions: 8' x 2'
  • Diode Manufacturer: CREE LED
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Lumen Range: 2000 - 2999
  • New/Reman: New
  • Raw Lumens: 2640
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Volts: 10-30V
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Watts: 36

Utb Universal Tractor

CREE LED 22' Flood/Spot Combo Bar Light, 8800 Lumens

PART #: 8301657

Product Specific Notes (1)Turn heads and illuminate the roads ahead with our dual row LED light bars. These bars offer twice the lighting power and will make your off-road adventures more safe and more fun. Recommended for off-road applications.
Product Specific Notes (2)
  • Amps (@12V): 8
  • Beam Style: Flood/Spot Combo
  • Dimensions: 22' x 2'
  • Diode Manufacturer: CREE LED
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Lumen Range: 5000 - 9999
  • New/Reman: New
  • Raw Lumens: 8800
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Volts: 10-30V
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Watts: 120




About the Universal 640

Did you find a good deal and buy the Universal 640 Tractor for less than the original price of $20,000 (1985)? Even if you didn't, rest assured we have plenty of Universal 640 Tractor parts in our inventory at 60% off dealer prices for your parts needs. Be sure to look for any serial number comments in the part fit notes. In some cases, the Universal 640 Tractor parts you need depend on your serial number. Some Universal 640 Tractors have a 4x2 2WD chassis, but there are also some with a 4x4 MFWD 4WD chassis, all equipped with hydrostatic power steering. They also have dry band brakes. The type II/I 3-point hitch is very reliable, capable to lift 4630 lbs [2100 kg]. It is used with a position and draft control. It is also worth noting that the live rear PTO runs at 540 rpms.

TractorJoe - Refundable Core Charge

Universal Products Tractor Parts

• A core charge is a deposit that is refunded after your old part has been sent back to a re-manufacturing facility.

The condition of the old part can affect the usability of the core, in some cases partial or no refund may be given. If the part you purchased is a different part than the one being replaced, partial or no refund may be given. Please contact us for more details.


If core charge instructions are not included with the new item:

  1. Different types of parts go to different locations.
  2. Have your order number and invoice number (if different) ready.
  3. Please contact us, we will give you the address your core needs to be returned to, and any other instructions.

If you do not have a core to return, the core charge will not be refunded.

Cores returned in a damaged state are subject to no or partial credit, so package them well for return as if they were a new product.

Universal Tractor Company

We have many new parts available but not listed, if you are looking for a new part but the item you see has a core charge, please contact us.