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Design, maintain and manage a hi-tech hospital facility and make the most of limited resources – Turn cures into cash with Theme Hospital. Want more games? Get Origin Access now and play more than 100 games on PC. Check back often for new titles available on Origin Access. Download Fun Hospital - Tycoon is back and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎You are invited to build a fantastic dream hospital! Build a theme hospital with your smart strategy NOW! Descarga fiable para Mac de Theme Hospital GRATIS. Descarga libre de virus y 100% limpia. Consigue Theme Hospital descargas alternativas. Two Point Hospital. Release Date: August 30th 2018. It’s your hospital! Build it the way you like it, with specialist treatment rooms aplenty. Lay out and spruce up your rooms and design the optimal place to definitely not die. Watch The Trailer. Available on Steam for PC, Mac, Linux.

Theme Hospital for mac game download Theme Hospital download torrent Size: 25.49 Kb Downloads: 63 Torrent name: Theme Hospital. Download more games for Mac OS: Project Hospital Hospital Tycoon Dungeon Keeper Gold Dungeon Keeper 2 Age of Empires I. On this page, you can download the full and latest version of the game Theme. The latest version of Theme Hospital is 2.1 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Screen Capture in the Design & Photo category. The app is developed by Bullfrog Productions and its user rating is 5 out of 5. Electronic Arts have just added retro game Theme Hospital to its ‘On The House’ database meaning anyone can now download the game for free. Descarga fiable para Mac de Theme Hospital GRATIS. Descarga libre de virus y 100% limpia. Consigue Theme Hospital descargas alternativas.

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Download Theme Hospital for free here. It's is a level-based hospital management simulation where players have to start on an empty building, and then assemble rooms with all kinds of material, from desks and file cabinets for the general diagnosis to the expensive ultra-scanners.

Theme Hospital is amanagement simgame developed by Bullfrog Productions, where you have the task of building hospitals from scratch and continuously achieving set goals.

Strategy games are extremely popular among many - and for good reason. They require creativity, very tactical thinking, a little common sense and patience. Strategy games can be addictive, and once you start playing it can be difficult to stop again. Here the game Theme Hospital is also no exception.

In Theme Hospital, you are introduced to a small and exciting universe, where you are responsible for building and maintaining a hospital - on your own. In the game you have to master different levels that are becoming more and more demanding the longer you get into the game. In addition, you also need to take care of your patients, so that they go home happily and happily. If you are interested in reading a little more about the game in general, you can find more information on the manufacturer's own website.

Are you coincidentally also a fan of the world-renowned television series, Grey's White World, where the hospital world is the focal point? So Theme Hospital will no doubt be a game for you.

How to play

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Theme hospital download mac os

As written earlier, in Theme Hospital you will need to have different courses with different challenges, but first you will be asked to build your own hospital. In this process you are the master of how the hospital should be decorated, and here you can let your imagination control your ideas on how the interior design should be, but here it is important that you also think a little rationally. You will be allocated a limited amount of money, which will be your starting point for the interior design. This is where your creativity will be on the pitch. You need to design a hospital with everything that belongs, without much resources. If you do well in the game, you will of course make money to expand the hospital with more machines and more staff.

When designing your hospital, you need to buy different types of premises, hiring doctors, secretaries, nurses, and all other staff that are important for a hospital to drive around. Once you have hired the staff, you also need to ensure that they are trained to handle the patient's suffering in the best possible way. But what is a hospital without machinery and equipment? The next step is to buy machines, fixtures and other aids.

When you are in control of the more practical things, the many patients will begin to come to your hospital with their suffering and problems as they expect you to solve. Your task is therefore to make them healthy as soon as possible so that they are satisfied. Some of the disorders will be very rare and difficult to cure, so you will need to soften your head with doctors and nurses to find out how your patients will be healthy so they can return home.

User-friendliness and design

Theme Hospital Download Mac Os

The game Theme Hospital saw the light of day for the first time back in 1999, and since then has aroused enthusiasm among many happy users. This is also something that the game's design, in its turn, is characterized by, but it also has its charm. The tasks you will be asked are very concrete, which makes the game extremely user-friendly. It won't be long before you learn how to navigate the game, which is why it caters to beginners as well as the more advanced user.



If you are interested in trying Theme Hospital, it is essential that the game is available on your computer. The game Theme Hospital supports different versions of Windows and is clearly worth a download if you own a computer with a Windows operating system. If you don't have a Windows, there are fortunately many other strategy games on the market that support other operating systems.

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Before downloading a new game to your computer, we recommend that you look at other alternatives available on the market. If you think the concept of the game Theme Hospital sounds interesting, then we have some specific alternatives for you that might fall into your taste.

SimFarm is a game where the plot is also about building something up from scratch. In this game, however, you must instead try to live the dream of being a farmer. The bigger your farm becomes, the more successful you will get. On your way, you will face different challenges that you need to master so your farm can be even more successful.

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Another alternative that we will highlight for you is SimTower. In SimTower you need to build a skyscraper from scratch. In the game, you have to make sure that it is your skyscraper that is becoming the most popular in the area. The skyscraper can include everything from restaurants and shopping malls to beautiful penthouse apartments that you need to put in place - here is the only imagination that limits what you can get out of the game.

If you generally have an interest in strategy games, we can first and foremost recommend you to take a closer look at our category, which is reserved for the good old strategy games that we all know.


If you love strategy games and enjoy building things from scratch then Theme Hospital is definitely a game that will fall into your taste. It's a nice piece of software that is free to download. The game has a simple yet charming design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate in. With the game you have the opportunity to live your inner dream of building and maintaining a hospital. You must both manage the hospital, but at the same time make sure that your patients are healthy and satisfied so you can make more money to expand your hospital.


Theme Hospital Download For Mac Windows 7

If you own a Windows computer and you are missing a new game for the collection, we highly recommend you try the Theme Hospital.

Before Theme Hospital can be played, it requires DOSBox installed on your system. Read more about DOSBox here.

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Theme Hospital Free Download For Mac

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