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Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2010 (South Korea), also known as Seonggyungwan Seukaendeul is South Korea drama premiere on Aug 30, 2010 on KBS2 How to download world painter mac os.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Korean: 성균관 스캔들) is a South Korean historical drama starring Park Min-young, Park Yoo-chun, Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong-ki. Directed by Kim Won-seok and written by Kim Tae-hee, it is based on Jung Eun-gwol 's bestselling 2007 novel The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars. Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Episode 19. This video is currently unavailable. October 31, 2010. Audio languages. The hunt for the Red Messenger becomes more intense, and Lee Seon Joon makes a self-sacrificing decision that affects the other three friends. Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Sungkyunkwan Scandal Cast, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Days Of Scholars, Milk Vetch, Trouble Maker, Monthly Listeners: 417, Where People. The “campus youth sageuk drama” Sungkyunkwan Scandal has cast Yoo Ah-in, which puts together a group of young rising stars in a “Joseon-era F4.”He joins DBSK’s Mickey Yoochun.


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Kim Yun Hee is a smart, responsible young woman with an independent drive. Since her father passed away she has worked to support her family, but also managed to do well in her studies. When her younger brother's illness worsens and their family is in danger of being evicted from their house for lack of money. In her desperation to support him, Kim Yoon Hee decides to take the men's only national exam under her younger brother's name and disguises herself as a boy. On the day of the exam, Kim Yun Hee meets Lee Seon Joon and becomes friends. Lee Seon Joon comes from a privileged background and also possesses good looks. He is also arrogant. They both pass the national exam and she has to share a room together with him at Sungkyunkwan University, while hiding her true nature. There, she becomes friends with the playboy Goo Yong Ha and rebellious Moon Jae Shin.


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Sungkyunkwan scandal cast

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Aww, yeah! The “campus youth sageuk drama” Sungkyunkwan Scandal has cast Yoo Ah-in, which puts together a group of young rising stars in a “Joseon-era F4.” He joins DBSK’s Mickey Yoochun (real name Park Yoo-chun) in his drama debut and Song Joong-ki (OB-GYN). Yoo plays the role of “Moon Jae-shin,” a young man who rebels against the times, dressing and acting like a bad boy.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is based on a novel and gets started when a female character enters school at Sungkyunkwan in place of her younger brother, poses as a male, and meets the characters played by Micky Yoochun, Song Joong-ki, and Yoo Ah-in. (So, basically a historical version of Hana Kimi meets You’re Beautiful?) The female role will be played by Jung Da-young of the currently airing Fine Windy Day.

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It’s been a year since Yoo Ah-in’s last drama, The Man Who Can’t Get Married; his most recent film was Sky and Ocean, and Antique Bakery prior to that. I don’t think those projects showed him off to his best advantage, and the reason I’m excited is because he’s an actor who can look adorable one minute, but is capable of being a chameleon and doing some fierce emoting the next. He was practically the only cast member who bothered to put any effort into Strongest Chil-woo — which is also the role that convinced me he had the skills to pull off intense and dramatic acting. (And if you’re skeptical about that, here’s a refresher of role he played — a mysterious assassin — in that series.)

The drama will premiere in September.

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