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Free Autocad Student Version

  1. Welcome to the community. Did you request the student version of AutoCAD for Mac or only for AutoCAD? Once you have your information you can download using the Autodesk Virtual Agent method. Just follow the download links to your product.
  2. Post a Question, Get an Answer. Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. Visit AutoCAD for Mac forum.

Student Download Autocad For Mac Installer

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AutoCad Free for Students and Academics

Using AutoCad on your laptop – for FREE

Join the AutoDesk Education Committee, today!

As a registered student, you can download AutoDesk software for free.

  • Go to: http://students.autodesk.com/
  • Follow the 'Free Software' link.

Registration is free. Use your @uci.edu email address and you'll be asked to provide documentation to verify your status.

Autodesk Educational-Use software for UCI

Download software if you don't want to register with AutoDesk.

AutoDesk license server: [email protected]

Autodesk software from this download CANNOT be used for any type of facilities or facilities management which is in violation of our license.

You must use your UCI Google Apps account to download software.

You must be on UCI Network or UCI VPN in order to connect to the license server.

Software from our link is for Educational and Academic use of AutoDesk.

Contact Lisa Preble [email protected] if you don't see software you want to use. I only posted a small portion of what is available.

Xpswmm 2019 download

What about Mac users?

There are some versions of AutoCad compatible for Macs.
Here's the AutoDesk website for Macs:

Autocad Mac Free

Let's start with the process of installation of Student's version. To download the 2019, 2018, or 2017 version, all the steps will remain the same. We need to select the appropriate version in STEP 12. The steps to download the latest version, i.e., AutoCAD 2020 are listed below: 1. Open your favorite browser.