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Skype For Business Screen Share Mac Not Working


Recently Microsoft released a new update for Skype for Mac which bumped the app to v8.52.0.145. The latest update brought features like the ability to share a contact with someone in your contact list. Unfortunately, it also broke screen sharing on Skype for Mac users.

Unable To Share Screen Skype

Running 16.26.19 on Mac 10.14, part of a team doing Azure DevOps meetings, they're all running Skype For Business on Mac 10.14 too. In a meeting, someone begins screen sharing, but I can't see it. I go to the controls bottom centre of the window, choose 'three dots', contextual menu appears with 'show content', I choose that. Skype for Business users can share their screen with attendees during a call or even conduct a webinar easily. Here are the steps to start a video conference in Skype for Business: Step 1: Launch your Skype for Business application and set your presence status to Available. Step 2: Go to the “Meetings” tab and click on the “Meet Now.

According to a thread on Microsoft Answers Community forum, users are unable to share their apps to other users. Microsoft hasn’t released an official statement or a workaround but the original poster found a way to make it work until the bug is fixed.

Skype Screen Share Is Black

Skype For Business Screen Share Mac Not Working

Skype For Business Screen Share Mac Not Working Remotely

  • Go to System Preferences>Security and Privacy.
  • Scroll down until you see Screen Recording and click the Skype checkbox (Skype will close to apply the changes).
  • Reopen the app and make a test call to see if the problem has been resolved

Skype For Business Mac Screen Share Not Working


Unfortunately, it isn’t clear if the issue was because of Microsoft’s new update as many apps are behaving weirdly on Apple’s new macOS Catalina. 1996 honda civic repair manual.