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Rolex Watch Serial Number Check


The serial number will be at the 6 o’clock position on the case and the reference number at the 12 o’clock end. Checking the location of the serial and reference number on a Rolex watch is one way to check whether it’s genuine or not, but you should also check the quality of the engraving. The information on most older Rolex Watches is engraved between the lugs on the watch body. That is, the bracelet/wrist strap needs to be removed in order to see it. The serial number is at the 6 o’clock position and the reference number/model number is at 12 o’clock. The serial numbers on most Rolex's can be found by removing the bracelet at 6 o clock. You will then see the number clearly stamped on the casing as shown on the photo below. You can then refer to the chart to establish the year was manufactured but also note that does necessarily mean it was the year of sale.

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Rolex watch serial number check number

Rolex is a universally recognised brand committed to producing watches that represent the ultimate luxury, excellence and elegance. While the Swiss manufacturer is known to produce more than 2,000 watches each day, there is also a market that produces counterfeit Rolex watches varying dramatically in quality. In short-term financial emergencies, you may decide to sell your Rolex watch to raise some fast cash right away. Whether it was gifted or bought from the second hand market, you may find it difficult to establish the authenticity of your Rolex watch before selling it in London or anywhere in the UK.

Although the counterfeit Rolex watches are becoming increasingly advanced in recent years, some key things can help you to determine whether your Rolex timepiece is fake or real. Take a look!

  • Serial Numbers

The serial number of a genuine Rolex watch is engraved deeply into its metal. This number is situated behind where the band joins the watch’s body on the 6 o’clock side. On the contrary, a fake Rolex timepiece usually has the serial number carved with acid.

While a genuine Rolex watch will have its model number on the 12 o’clock side, counterfeiters do not often bother to change these numbers, and instead, they print the same digits on every replica. You can just remove the band of your watch by using a small paper clip or pushpin to see the model number.

However, the brand is reportedly known to have refined their methodology in this respect by muddling the serial numbers in the new Rolex productions. And, only a professional Rolex dealer can help you to date them.

Rolex Watch Serial Number Check History

  • Quality and weight

While Rolex produces watches of utmost quality and accuracy, counterfeit watch makers have become increasingly proficient at designing high-quality fake timepieces. A genuine Rolex comes with a precise engraving, solid bracelet links and will also, feel heavy. The coronet marking at the 6 o’clock position is visible only by using a magnifying glass, whereas, in counterfeits, it can be seen clearly with the naked eye.

Moreover, a real Rolex timepiece will be typically heavier than its counterfeits because it is made up of real metal and crystal. Your Rolex watch should feel substantial and solid on your wrist and hand.

The watch case also plays an essential role in determining whether your Rolex is fake or real. While the case back of your asset must be plain with no logo or engravings, new Rolexes come with a hologram on their case, making it a feasible way to help in verifying the authenticity.

  • Cyclops

Many Rolex watches feature a small window that shows the date and a small magnification lens or ‘Cyclops’ to make it effortless to read. Being a convex lens, you will feel a bump running your finger over it and is situated right over the date.

If the Cyclops over the date dial does not magnify the date, your Rolex is probably a fake one. A real Rolex magnification lens is apparently known to amplify the date up to 2.5x, taking up virtually the entire date window.

  • The Tick

As with any Rolex, the second hand in your watch will move so smoothly that it will not make any ‘ticking’ noise. Generally, the second hand motion in many watches may be jerky because they have quartz movements not automatic. Thus, when the second hand shifts precipitously, it produces the ‘tick, tick’ sound. Download fifa 16 pc.

Reversely, Rolex movements are mechanical and self-winding. Indeed, a Rolex movement is broken down into eight micro ticks per second, making it look like a ceaseless motion. If you hear a slow ‘tick’ sound coming from your timepiece or see that the second hand jerking with every tick, you are not possibly wearing an authenticated one. However, every Rolex model features a particular style of hands. Like for example, the Yacht-Master comes with a thicker minute hand, whereas the hands of Rolex Daytona stretch a little bit longer, extending all the way to the hash marks.

While today’s Counterfeiters may be proficient enough to replicate the advanced movements of luxury watches like Rolex, they often use whatever components are available for saving money and hope that buyers may overlook such detail.

Stolen Rolex Watch Serial Numbers

Choose a professional Buyer to verify your Rolex’s Authenticity

Although some fake Rolexes can be spotted easily by comparing it with another same watch, others may require trained eyes for checking their authenticity. Thus, it may be a good idea to take your luxury timepiece to a potential Rolex watch buyer in London or any other big city to assess its authenticity. A professional watch dealer will not only determine your watch’s authenticity but also, can carry out an accurate valuation and ultimately, provide you with the most competitive price in the market if your Rolex is genuine.

Have you ever wondered why serial numbers are either printed on or engraved in expensive watches? If you’re unfamiliar with the reasons that this information is stored on your watch you’re in the right place to find out. There are several Important affirmations that are found in Rolex watch serial numbers. Read on to discover what you can learn from your Rolex serial numbers.

The serial number reveals the age of your watch

Rolex Watch Serial Number Check Online

If you purchased your Rolex watch in used condition, or if it was inherited, or a gift, you may wonder about the model or the age of the watch. These are important things to know because some Rolex watches are more valuable than others. You may be sitting on a small fortune if the timepiece is in mint or good condition. It’s good to know as much about a luxury high-end timepiece as possible so you will understand its inherent value as well as whether or not it is a collectible edition.

Do all Rolex watches have serial numbers?

The answer to this question is yes. All authentic Rolex watches come with a serial number. If you have a Rolex that looks like a genuine and authentic example, but it is missing the serial number, then it is an imitation.

Where to find the serial number on your Rolex

The placement of the serial number on Rolex watches depends upon the age of the watch. Those that were manufactured before the year 2005 have the serial number engraved in between the lugs on the 6:00 side of the watch. If your watch was made between 2005 and the present, you will find the serial number on the inner bezel. You may need to remove the strap or bracelet in order to see the serial number. If this is something that you’re not comfortable with you can go to any jewelry store for assistance in doing this.

Outsmarting counterfeiters

The luxury watch market has been compromised by counterfeiters who pass off fake copies of expensive watches and they sell them for discounted, yet high prices to unsuspecting victims of their crimes. Rolex addressed the problem in 2008 by changing up the way that they do things. They started laser engraving the serial number on the inside of the bezel and in between the lugs in 2005, but just 3 years later they switched it up to engraving only on the inner bezel to make it more difficult to counterfeit. Another indication to look for when assessing authenticity is the word “Rolex” which will be engraved around the inner bezel of all watches made from 2005 to the present. The logo of the brand will be placed at the 12:00 position with the serial number at 6:00.

Assessing the value of your Rolex watch

The serial number that is engraved on your Rolex watch will provide you with information about its current value. You can look up the serial number to find out the date and year that your Rolex was first sold. This is extremely helpful if your warranty card is missing.

How do I look up my Rolex serial number?

Rolex does not distribute information about serial numbers randomly. This would give counterfeiters a greater advantage for passing off fake copies. Instead, the serial numbers are provided by the watch community through crowdsourcing. Although this method is not always 100% accurate an some of the numbers are off, in general, it is a useful resource to determine useful information about your Rolex. The most accurate way of assessing the age of your Rolex and its value is to refer to the warranty card that was originally issued with the watch.

Rolex uses random serial numbers

Rolex Registry

Rolex has gone a step further to weed out the counterfeit watches from authentic and genuine examples. The serial numbers have been generated with random number assignments. This makes it even more difficult for forgers to engrave accurate numbers on fake editions. Although it makes it more difficult to look up specific numbers, it is not impossible.


When assessing the value of a Rolex by the serial number, it’s important to have the warranty card and to double check the serial number on the card against the serial number that is engraved on the watch. if it doesn’t match then the value is not going to be as high, and its authenticity may come into question. This doesn’t mean that the watch is not authentic, but without hard proof of its authenticity, the resale value will be much lower.

How to determine if serial numbers are fake?

Most fake Rolex watches do not have serial numbers, but some scammers have become savvy and actually apply them to the watch. It can be tricky to tell a fake from the genuine item unless you have a trained eye. Since it is so difficult to forge serial numbers and make them look real, the faked serial numbers will look different. Most fraudsters use an acid etching method versus engraving. Look at the quality of the engraving. If it is poor quality or if it is faint, instead of bold, it is likely to be a forgery. If you have any doubts about the authenticity you can take it to a jeweler who is trained in assessing authenticity.


Rolex Serial Number Lookup Authenticity

The serial numbers that are engraved on every Rolex watch ever produced serve a very important purpose. The number is a means of identifying the watch along with the year that it was manufactured. It also serves as proof of authenticity and it is one of the best means of proving that the watch is genuine and for assessing its current market value. Rolex joins other high-end watch manufacturers in taking every possible precaution to protect its clientele from becoming the victims of a scam. It’s best to make sure that any Rolex watch you purchase has a warranty card that contains the matching serial number found on the watch. You can save yourself from becoming the victim of a scam by understanding the importance of the Rolex serial number.