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Records — Database And Organizer 1 5 2

Records — Database And Organizer 1 5 2

eSoftSerial - Benefits and features:

  • 39 Fields: Program name, Description, Keywords, Version, Price, License, Reg-Name, Reg-Code (Serial number), Email, Developer info, Web info and more.
  • Images: Screenshots, Dialogs..
  • Unlimited Categories and Passwords Records
  • Unicode text (Categories, records fields)
  • Database Encryption (Set Password, Remove Password)
  • View, Edit, Delete records
  • Export records to CSV, TXT and other files
  • Import Records from CSV, TXT and other files
  • Record Viewer
  • Sort by any columns
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Visual Themes
eSoftSerial Organizer fields
ProgramRegistration DeveloperDescriptionWeb Info Extra Fields

• Title (program name)
• Version
• Release date
• Price
• Operation System (OS)
• License
• File size

• Reg-Name
• Reg-Code (Serial number)
• Reg-Email
• Order Date
• Quantity
• Order-ID

• Developer
• Contact name
• Developer URL
• Support Email
• Sales Email
• Support Phone
• Sales Phone
• Country
• City
• State, ZIP
• Address

• Description
• Keywords
• Program Category
• Recent Changes

• Info URL
• Purchase URL
• Screenshot URL
• Icon/Box URL
• PAD xml file URL
• Primary Download URL
• Secondary Download URL

• Comments
• Images (Screenshots, Box, Cover, Photos..)
• Category
• Extra Emails
• Extra Links
• Extra Phonew
• Custom fields

This software provides an extended database encryption feature, so you can protect your data from unauthorized access. Your tables cannot be viewed on disk by means of a disk (or HEX) editor.

Slender man eight pages free. Database password protection. Advanced Import and Export options, Print, View and hide your records. Unlimited categories, records and images. Nice modern customizable interface and visual themes and more. Free and powerful Software manager. Keeping digital medical records allows you to store and access information easily. However, an organizing system can be as simple as a three-ring binder. Others use a filing cabinet. Use the system that works best for you. Collect Important Records. Start by collecting and reviewing the documents and information that you already have, including. (A full search of a clustered table can take longer than a full search of an unclustered table. Oracle is likely to read more blocks because the tables are stored together.). Consider clustering tables involved in a one-to-many (1: M) relationship if a row is often selected from the parent table and then the corresponding rows from the child. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews Sale Price $6.65 $ 6.65 $ 9.50 Original Price $9.50 (30% off) Favorite.

  • Set Database Password: Main menu: Files/Set password (Ctrl+Alt+P)
  • Remove passwords from Database: Main menu: Files/Remove password (Ctrl+Alt+W)

Search this ancestry.com database of the Social Security Administration Death Master File. The file contains over 89 million records of deaths reported to SSA in connection with the filing for death benefits by a family member.



You may Insert unlimited records. Each record have a Category and Image, Fields, Comments and Custom Fields. You can edit properties of record by means of the visual editor of records (Main menu: Records/Edit, or Mouse Double Click).

Business Expense Organizer - 2, software solution overview:
Use this template to track your business or company expenses. You can quickly organize the following expenses: meals, tickets, entertainment, hotel, mileage, telephone, auto rentals, parking, and other expenses. This template allows you to enter several expenses into one record (grouped by expense date start and expense date end). If you want to enter each business expense separately please try the following template: Business Expense Organizer 1.
Business Expense Organizer - 2, software solution features:
  • You can quickly print summary reports.
  • You can create record templates for similar records to speed up entry process.
  • Template contains sample records that will help you to enter your data.

Database Fields Included :

Organizer Advantage with database template, screenshots:

business expenses template: business exp detailed database

business expenses template: business exp simple database


Organizer Deluxe with database template, screenshots:

Records — Database And Organizer 1 5 2-x

Database and Software Screenshots :

Records — Database And Organizer 1 5 2020


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