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Apr 21st, 2011
Portal 2 online co op xbox one
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Portal 2 Online Multiplayer

  1. 1. Launch the game and open CONSOLE (to enable console go to options>Keyboard>Advanced and tick 'enable developers console', then you can open it with '~' key)
  2. 2. Send your friend your IP, for example: 'connect 81.57.664.892' (he will need to type that in console to join)
  3. 3. Type in console 'map mp_coop_start' to start CO-OP game (or chose any of the other maps. because this is the first mission)
  4. 4. When you type in 'map mp_coop_start ' this is when your friend has to connect to the server using the line 'connect 81.57.664.892' (remember this is just an example, you have to use your own IP).
  5. 5. Use changelevel or changelevel2 commands in console instead of map to change levels so you won't get droped to main menu between levels. Example 'changelevel2 mp_coop_wall_intro'
  6. P.S: I advice you to use voice communication software to communicate such as skype/team speak or ventrilo so you can inform your partner when to connect to the server and it's easier to complete levels that way as well ; )
  7. COOP Maps:
  9. ' map mp_coop_lobby_2'
  10. ' map mp_coop_race_2'
  11. ' map mp_coop_rat_maze'
  12. ' map mp_coop_teambts'
  14. ' map mp_coop_infinifling_train'
  15. ' map mp_coop_fling_1'
  16. ' map mp_coop_multifling_1'
  17. ' map mp_coop_fan'
  19. ' map mp_coop_wall_2'
  20. ' map mp_coop_wall_block'
  21. ' map mp_coop_turret_walls'
  22. ' map mp_coop_wall_5'
  24. ' map mp_coop_tbeam_drill'
  25. ' map mp_coop_tbeam_laser_1'
  26. ' map mp_coop_tbeam_polarity2'
  27. ' map mp_coop_tbeam_maze'
  28. ' map mp_coop_paint_come_along'
  29. ' map mp_coop_paint_bridge'
  30. ' map mp_coop_paint_speed_fling'
  31. ' map mp_coop_paint_speed_catch'

Manual lavadora techwood tw1000. Imagine if Portal was isometric, starred adorable cubes, and lacked the titular portals,. Most practically, Overcooked 2 has online multiplayer, while the first game was limited to local co-op. Playing games online with friends is becoming increasingly important, making the first game. I would like to host my own Portal 2 online game for others to join (across the Internet), but I'm not sure how. I only know how to join games. I'm running on PC, by the way. Sorry for being a noob.:P. There's no denying the raw quality of Portal 2's distinct co-op campaign, though. As the two testing robots Atlas and P-Body, you and a friend get to explore the darker, more dangerous side of. Portal 2 MP 0.5.1 Fixed Feb 24 2018 Patch 9 comments. This is a fix for the mod. The sourcemod for whatever reason is what caused the game to stop working.

Portal 2 Online Co-op

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