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Pinta For Mac Review


Download Portable Pinta - Advanced photo editing app with intuitive options, drawing tools, image adjustments and effects, multi-layers support, Clipboard history, screenshot grabber, and more. Pinta can now be correctly restored by left clicking on the dock icon after minimizing it on OSX Files can now be opened by dropping them on Pinta's dock icon. Closed images are now properly removed from the Window menu on OSX. Pinta now has correct file associations for OSX and can be used to open images from Finder.

Version 1.6:

This release includes many new features and improvements, as well as over 50 bug fixes:

The 1.6 version of Pinta for Mac is provided as a free download on our software library. This free Mac application was originally created by Pinta contributors. Our built-in antivirus checked this Mac download and rated it as 100% safe. The application's installer is commonly called pinta-1.4.app.zip. Pinta is an open-source, cross-platform bitmap image drawing and editing program inspired by Paint.NET. Discover Pinta alternatives, reviews, features and functionalities. Camtasia Studio For Mac Os X Pinta For Os X Os X Yosemite For Windows Download Firefox For Os X 10.6. Mac os sierra review. The simplest way to update OS X to 10.11.5 is through the Mac App Store: X11 Macos High Sierra. Back up the Mac before beginning, with.

New Features / Improvements:
  • Redesigned shape tools (demo video):
    • The Line tool now supports drawing curves and arrows
    • Shapes remain editable after being drawn
    • All shape tools now support drawing dashed lines
  • All selection tools now support the Union, Exclude, Xor, and Intersection modes
  • New community add-in repository - add-ins can be installed through the Add-in Manager dialog (via the Add-ins menu)
  • Redesigned New Image dialog, which includes presets, orientation and background options, and a thumbnail preview of the image.
  • The toolbox and color palette now have a flexible layout and can expand horizontally, making them significantly more usable on small screens.
  • When launching Pinta from the command line, the standard --version and --help options are now supported.
Bug Fixes:

A full list of bug fixes is available at https://launchpad.net/pinta/+milestone/1.6.

  • Fixed a number of issues with the text tool’s support for Unicode text
  • Fixed a number of issues with undoing selections
  • Fixed a number of untranslatable strings throughout Pinta, and the zoom toolbar’s percentages are now formatted using the current locale.
  • The text tool now supports the standard shortcuts for toggling bold (Ctrl+B), italic (Ctrl+I), and underline (Ctrl+U), and all of the text can be selected with Ctrl+A.
  • Fixed a potential crash after undoing a text action
  • Fixed a crash when holding both the left and right mouse buttons with the Pencil tool
  • Fixed issues with zooming in very far on large images
  • Fixed a potential crash when exiting Pinta
  • Fixed issues with the toolbar’s state (hidden vs. visible) not being preserved after re-opening Pinta
  • Fixed several bugs where undo did not work correctly for the Freeform Shape tool
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a selection allowed the selection to grow beyond the edge of the canvas
  • The selection handles are now larger and easier to click
  • Fixed bugs where using the Recolor tool after the Line/Curve tool resulted in odd behavior
  • The error dialog now includes a link to the bug tracker
  • Improved the error message when opening an unsupported file format
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling the saving of a jpg image made it appear that the image had actually been saved
  • Auto-hiding now works correctly for the history and open images pads
  • Auto Crop now works correctly if there is an active selection
  • The progress dialog is now modal
  • The Backspace and Delete keys are now usable when editing text fields in the toolbar
  • Improved the readability of the text cursor against dark backgrounds
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Full History

Don't be afraid to experiment, Pinta tracks your full history so you can always undo.

Adjustments and Effects

Pinta includes over 35 adjustments and effects for tweaking your images.

Your Workspace

Like docked windows? No problem. Floating windows? No problem. Pinta will even let you mix and match.

Pinta For Mac reviewPinta for mac reviews

Drawing Tools

Use easy drawing tools to draw freehand, lines, rectangles, ellipses, and more.

Unlimited Layers

Use layers to help separate and group elements of your image for easy editing.

Pinta For Mac review



Use Pinta in your language. Pinta is at least partially translated into over 55 languages.

What's New:

  • New Features / Improvements
  • Added a tab view to switch between images. The tabs can also be docked side-by-side or pulled into new windows. (#94).
  • The Rotate / Zoom dialog now supports zooming and panning (#1252756).
  • Added a Smooth Erase tool, which is enabled using the Type menu on the Erase tool’s toolbar (#110).
  • The Pencil tool can switch between different blend modes (#124, #1688743).
  • Added support for JASC PaintShop Pro palette files (#126).
  • The transform tools can now rotate in fixed increments by holding Shift (#134).
  • The Move Selected tool can now scale by holding Ctrl (#138).
  • Dragging and dropping a URL (e.g. image from a web browser) to download and open the image is now supported (#80, #644123).
  • Performance improvements when interacting with selections, particularly for large images (#1428740).
  • The Rectangle Select tool now shows different arrow cursors at each corner of the selection (#1188143).
  • Added an AppData file for integration with some Linux app stores (#121).
  • A new user guide has been written for the Pinta website! Thanks to @jeneira94, @akaro2424, and @anadvu for their contributions!


  • .NET 4.5 / Mono 4.0 are now required.
  • Mono 6.x is strongly recommended for Mac and Linux users.
  • UI improvements to the New Image dialog (#99, [1424547).
  • The Rotate / Zoom dialog now rotates in-place instead of changing the layer’s size.
  • Cairo blend operations are now used instead of PDN’s managed blend modes (#98, #1248933, #1091910).
  • The tool windows can now only be closed with the View -> Tool Windows menu, as it was easy to accidentally close them without knowing how to recover them (#1428720).
  • The shortcut for the Intersect selection mode is now Alt + Left Click instead of using Shift, which had caused conflicts with holding Shift to constrain the selection to a square (#1426660).

Pinta For Mac Review

Selena v1.0.3 – multipurpose wordpress theme free download ~upd~. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many issues where selection changes did not update correctly (#1438022, #1188924, #1429830, #1098137, #105).
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when using the Shift key to constrain to a square or circle in the Rectangle and Ellipse tools (#1452607).
  • The option to expand the canvas when pasting an image now only changes the canvas size in the dimension where the pasted image is larger (#1883623).
  • Fixed a bug where Auto Crop used the current layer instead of the entire image when deciding what to crop, and takes the selection into account (#1434928, #1434906).
  • Fixed potential crashes when switching tools without any open documents (#1425612).
  • Fixed a potential bug where the OK button in the New Image dialog could be incorrectly disabled (#1430203).
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Open Images pad after closing all images (#1430789).
  • Fixed a bug where the Levels dialog closed unexpectedly when clicking on one of the color checkboxes (#1435045).
  • The outline width settings on the Text Tool’s toolbar now only show up if they are relevant to the stroke style being used (#1426663).
  • Fixed a potential crash creating gradients (#1446217).
  • Fixed issues where the selection handles disappeared after pressing Delete (#1424629).
  • Fixed several transparency-related issues with premultiplied alpha (#109, #113, #114, #117, #125).
  • Corrected display problems in the Move Selected Tool and live previews for effects (#115).
  • Add-ins can now load icons correctly (#116).
  • Fixed strange behaviour when the width or height of a drawn rounded rectangle is 0 (#112).
  • Fixed issues with the text tool on OSX (#1425749).
  • Fixed inconsistent labels in the UI (#1579033).
  • Fixed issues with the zoom tool under certain locales (#139, #133, #1464855).
  • Fixed issues when drawing on very zoomed-in images (#129, #133).
  • Fixed issues where brushes could draw outside the selection (#1775709).
  • Fixed issues with the docking library (#832395).
  • Fixed a bug where undoing a history item could set the background palette color to the foreground color (#1888131).
  • Fixed issues where the zoom level was not maintained when undoing a Crop to Selection (#1888885).
  • Fixed an error on newer Mono versions when opening URLs via the menu items under the Help menu (#1888883).
  • Fixed some occasional crashes on dragging and dropping or pasting into a new image (#1838620, #1508777).
  • Fixed issues where using the Rectangle Select tool after the Move Selection or Move Selected Pixels tools did not update correctly (#1889647, #1473430, #1889774).
  • Adjusted Pinta.Install.proj to simplify installing to a custom prefix (#781836).

Pinta For Mac Reviews

Note: Windows requires .Net 4

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