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GIMP is completely free and open source, meaning you can use GIMP and all of its features without spending a penny. This makes it an excellent case for artists or designers who may not have the budget to spend over 700 USD on Photoshop. It is also available for free on Windows, Mac.

In Windows-based computers, there is the program called MS Paint in which users can express their creativity in coming up with a nice artwork. Of course, there are also paint applications for Mac users having similar features with the Window-based program. Apple’s Macintosh computers targets artists and this is one of the many reasons why Mac devices feature intuitive interface, which is as the early adoption by Adobe as well as other companies that are artist-oriented. The first of the paint applications for Mac is called the MacPaint. This app was part of the very first edition of the Macintosh and since then, paint applications has been a major and built in application in every Mac being developed and created. Aside from the staple Mac program, there are other applications having the similar basic functions than that of MacPaint and may come for free or paid version.

Paint Shop For Mac Free

10. KidPix.

The KidPix is a respected paint application started in 1989. It began like a “rubber stamp” paint program in which you can click a stamp and you can click it on your document and the image of that stamp will appear on that document. Innovative changes in KidPix make it possible for users to work in 2D and 3D version plus the features of animation and voice recording. This program costs about $40 for 2D version and $50 for the 3D version.

9. Tux Paint

Tux Paint is another application designed for the children. The interface of this application is simple and easy to handle and understand. If you will use the basic operation, you will easily find it very useful. You will see different features about its fun graphic such as “Confetti”, “Distortion” and “Flower”. You can use your creative imagination in order to create a nice image. This application is free and you can try it.


8. Paintbrush

The Paintbrush is a program working to mimic the early design and capabilities of MacPaint as well as those of MS Paint. Generally speaking, this application is very basic, very easy and very simple to learn and work with. This is a free application that you can try.

7. Seashore

The Seashore app has similarities with that of Paintbrush especially in simplicity and ease of use. This app is very useful and functional as long as you grasp its features. If you have tried Paintbrush, you will find Seashore is more advance because it has features like gradient fillings in which you can blend color to another. Systweak advanced driver updater 4.5.1086.17935 + [hot] crack. You can configure the brushes and you will more drawing and coloring tools than Paintbrush.

6. Artrage

The Artrage is an app that bridges the hole between the simple applications for painting to the more advanced and fully featured tools like that from Photoshop or the Painter. This app offers scalable pressure for users in the graphics tablet. It has one of a kind, neat and well thought-out interface to go along with several functional tools. It has a “starter edition” providing only the basic function. The full version of this app will cost you about $30, whilst the Pro version will cost about $60. This app is only available to the latest version of Mac OS and it is not available to iPad and iPhone.

Paint Shop Pro For Mac Free Download

5. Beautiful Dorena

The Beautiful Dorena app is interesting for most users than being useful. This app features wonderful graphic options and amazing sound effects embedded in this app. This feature will make you to be entertained in using it for hours. This Beautiful Dorena app is not available or is not made to run to the Mac OS versions of 10.7 or later.


The GIMP app is an open source program that is Free. Anyone or any platform can use this program. The GIMP has features that are similar to some of the buttons in the Photoshop program; although the interface is not as streamlined as you may think, using this to enhance your digital painting skills is better especially this GIMP being a free app. The features and editing power of GIMP is suitable for those who do not have to money to pay for Photoshop or do not want to buy it as well as to those wanting to use something new.

3. Painter

The Painter is an application having the tools mimicking the physical counterparts of a painter. You have here the canvas and paper, the different brushes, pencils, palettes, oils, chalks, acrylics and many more. If you are an artist who likes and loves to work with the digital counterparts of the traditional art media, this should be one of the applications that you should consider. This program retails for about $289. Knowing that, this is not a cheap app, but if you are really serious artists, every penny you will spend is worth it.

Paint Shop Mackay

Paint Shop For MacMac version of paint

2. Photoshop

Free paint app for mac

Best Paint For Machine Shop Equipment

Photoshop is a very popular paint application for Mac as well as for the Windows-based platform. If you are in the know about the graphics, you will surely want to have Photoshop. Some says that this app is the father of all the paint applications available today in any platform. It started as photo editing tool and then evolved into powerful digital editing. It has all the tools you need, it has neat interface and many more. In line with this great features and capabilities, you have to pay hefty sum of $699 in order to use this program.

Paint Shop For Macbook

1. Photoshop Elements

Paint Shop For Mac

Another Adobe product that has less yet important features for painting is the Photoshop Elements. This paid version works mainly as photo editor in which you can use to clean up photos that you capture from your digital camera. This app is available in the market for $99. This tool is powerful enough to give you the features you need in editing your images.