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Outlook For Mac 2016 Insert Table


We wish to buy microsoft office package 2016 for macintosh computer. Our most usage is of microsoft outlook wherein we require table insertion while creating a new email to someone. Further more, we also require to resize the image inserted in any column to this table. To quickly insert a table, click Insert Table and move the cursor over the grid until you highlight the number of columns and rows you want. Click and the table appears in the document. If you need to make adjustments, you can Add or delete rows or columns in a table in Word or PowerPoint for Mac or merge cells. The 2016 Ribbon is smaller than it was in Outlook, the title bar now is now blue rather than the previous white, and the text for the Ribbon tabs (File, Home, Send/Receive and so on) is now a mix.

To add and remove columns, follow these steps:

Outlook For Mac 2016 Insert TableTable

1. Open the folder that you want to modify in either Single orPreview view, right-click the column header bar, and choose Field Chooser in the popupmenu:

2. In the Field Chooser dialog box, find the name of the fieldyou want to add, and then drag the field from the Field Chooser dialog box to the desiredlocation on the column header bar. Outlook 2016 displays a red arrow at the top of the column header barto indicate where it inserts the column:

3. Add other colimns if necessary:

  • Account
  • Attachments
  • Categories
  • Conversations
  • Date Received
  • Date Sent
  • Flag Status
  • Folder
  • From
  • Priority
  • Size
  • Status
  • Subject
  • To

4. To remove a field, drag the field from the column header bar:

5. Close the Field Chooser dialog box.



  • If you do not find the column you need in the Available columns list, you can choose othersets of fields by selecting another list from the drop-down at the top of the Field Chooserdialog box:
  • You can also use this dialog box to create custom fields. To do this, click the New..button, then in the New Column dialog box, enter the name and choose type and format of yourfield:
  • If you do not see your column in your view, you probably are in the Compact view and need toswitch to the Single or Preview view.

See also this tip in French:Comment ajouter et supprimer des colonnes.


For Outlook add-ins to load and function properly, there are a number of requirements for both the servers and the clients.

Client requirements

  • The client must be one of the supported applications for Outlook add-ins. The following clients support add-ins:

    • Outlook 2013 or later on Windows
    • Outlook 2016 or later on Mac
    • Outlook on iOS
    • Outlook on Android
    • Outlook on the web for Exchange 2016 or later and Office 365
    • Outlook on the web for Exchange 2013
    • Outlook.com
  • The client must be connected to an Exchange server or Microsoft 365 using a direct connection. When configuring the client, the user must choose an Exchange, Office 365, or Outlook.com account type. If the client is configured to connect with POP3 or IMAP, add-ins will not load.

Mail server requirements

If the user is connected to Microsoft 365 or Outlook.com, mail server requirements are all taken care of already. However, for users connected to on-premises installations of Exchange Server, the following requirements apply.

  • The server must be Exchange 2013 or later.
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) must be enabled and must be exposed to the Internet. Many add-ins require EWS to function properly.
  • The server must have a valid authentication certificate in order for the server to issue valid identity tokens. New installations of Exchange Server include a default authentication certificate. For more information, see Digital certificates and encryption in Exchange 2016 and Set-AuthConfig.
  • To access add-ins from AppSource, the client access servers must be able to communicate with AppSource.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 For Mac

Add-in server requirements

Add-in files (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) can be hosted on any web server platform desired. The only requirement is that the server must be configured to use HTTPS, and the SSL certificate must be trusted by the client.

Outlook For Mac 2016 Insert Table

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