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Nvidia Pascal Driver Mac Os


With all the talk about Windows 10 and iOS, macOS is sometimes left behind. Despite once being the core of Apple’s business, the Mac has shrunk to just being a tiny portion of the company’s income. Along with the new Mac Pro announcement, it appears that is more going on behind the scenes at for Apple GPUs. Along with the Titan Xp launch, Nvidia has also released new drivers for Pascal based GPUs for macOS.

  1. Nvidia Drivers Mac Os 10.14
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  3. Nvidia Pascal Driver Mac Os Audio

Nvidia Drivers Mac Os 10.14

Download English (US), New Release 7.5.30. CUDA driver update to support MAC OS X 10.11.5, macOS 10.12 Developer Preview and NVIDIA display driver 346.03.10f01. Graphics driver updated for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31) Contains performance improvements and bug fixes for a wide range of applications. Includes NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane. Includes BETA support for iMac and MacBook Pro systems with NVIDIA graphics. If you have the previously recalled 387. Web Driver installed, it is necessary that you uninstall that driver completely and replace it with this. See the Additional Information section for more details. Release Notes Archive: This driver update is for Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) users. Best audiophile music player for mac 2015.

Superficially, this looks pretty normal, Nvidia updating their drivers to support macOS and Pascal. However, the fact of the matter is that Nvidia has no Pascal GPUs in any macOS product. The old Mac Pro could utilize Pascal PCIe graphics cards but the rest of the system won’t hold up. For the MacBook, the GPUs are currently dominated by Intel iGPUs and AMD’s GCN based solutions. This begs the question as to why Nvidia is still working on driver development.

Nvidia Pascal Driver Mac Os 10 15

Nvidia pascal mac drivers

Nvidia Pascal Driver Mac Os Audio

The most likely possibility is that Nvidia is laying the groundwork for future Apple contracts. Doing driver support on their own dime can be a subtle sign to Apple to show they mean business. Another possibility is for external GPU docks which while not officially supported, are gaining popularity. Last of all, there is a growing market of Hackintoshes which use standard PC hardware with macOS. With the stagnation of the Mac Pro, Hackintoshes have grown in popularity. It will be interesting to see what will result from this new development from Nvidia.