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Mp3 Tag Mac Free Download


Music Tag Editor is a Mac utility that allows users to customize the information of MP3 audio files and create custom playlists. It is easy to install and the operation can be completed in a few minutes.

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Discover the newest way to batch tag and rename audio files using the handy spreadsheet.


Handy Spreadsheet for Quick Tagging

Meet the Tag Editor for Mac, a spreadsheet application for editing audio metadata in a simple, fast, and flexible way.

This audio tag editor supports various audio formats, ID3 tags for WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3 files, XIPH/Vorbis Comments for the FLAC files, and MP4 tags for M4A and MP4 files.

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without having to go through complicated procedures.'
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The app's primary purpose is to represent, edit, and process the audio metadata in a structured way. The application has easy to follow layout - the spreadsheet window with the toolbar and the table containing rows and columns. The app can open a few spreadsheet windows or tabs simultaneously.

Each rowrepresents an audio file and its metadata and technical information. The metadata editor can load up to 200000 audio files in one spreadsheet.

A column represents particular metadata or audio data type. You can edit more than 60 audio tags in corresponding columns, including, but not limited to Album, Artist, Title, Artwork, Comment, Lyrics, Genre, Grouping, Key, Track Number, Year, and others. Audio's technical properties, like Audio Codec, Audio Format, Bit Rate (kbps), Channels, Size, and others, can also be shown and used for composing the other tags.

For better accessibility, the 'Columns' menu has organized sets of columns or tags, like Classical, Commerce, Mood, People, Podcast, Sorting, and others.

The columns can be rearranged and sorted easily. One or more sorting criteria can be applied to sort each column.

Column and Row Management


With this metadata editor, audio tagging is not a tedious and tiresome job anymore.

Change the audio metadata with ease. Apply a Batch Tagging, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Find and Replace, to a range of selected cells or the entire spreadsheet.

You can load, change, and control all changes in one spreadsheet window using the keyboard shortcuts. It can significantly speed up workflow and be especially convenient for laptop users. Tidy your entire audio collection with both auto and manual methods quickly and easily!

Change Tags Instantly
Batch Editing of ID3 tags, Copy, Paste, Find and Replace


When the changes have been saved, they go immediately to the audio files. So, it makes sense to review the changes before applying them. The spreadsheet format makes it easy to review the changes and eliminate unwanted mistakes.

Use the app to identify inaccuracies and duplicates in your audio tags. All the changes you have made are highlighted and become visible.

The unwanted changes can be reversed with the Undo or Reload commands.

Control of Changes

Mp3 Tag For Mac Free Download


The application supports the automatic importing of audio metadata from online databases, such as MusicBrainz, AcoustID, CoverArt, etc. The metadata loader can also parse and load tags from path components, such as folder or file names.

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To import tags from iTunes, drop iTunes playlist to the Tag Editor, select a few Rating cells, for example, and choose Edit / Load Tags / From iTunes (Music).

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Loading Metadata from Online Databases,
Path Components and iTunes / Music


Mp3 tag editor for pc download

The Tag Editor can search for artworks in online databases, such as CoverArt, Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID, etc. So, select a few artwork cells, and choose Edit / Load Tags / From Network.

The app also can load album artworks from local folders automatically or manually.

Id tag mp3 mac

Setting Artworks and Improving Tags


The metadata editor provides built-in commands for improving existing tags:

  • Fix Encoding - converts the metadata to Unicode and makes it readable.
  • Change Case - changes the case of the metadata.

Mp3 Tag Editor For Pc Download

It becomes easy with the app to get rid of unwanted and low-quality audio tags.


Mp3 Tag Mac free. download full

Tag Editor is ideal for editing and renaming files with the use of audio tags. Spreadsheet format allows you to check, edit, and automatically standardize multiple filenames in a single table.
File names can be changed in auto or manual mode as well.

Mp3 Tag Editor Free Download


Mp3 Tag Mac Free Download

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Mp3 Tag Editor Mac Free Download

Please, write to us about feature requests or any problems. We always glad to improve our applications for your needs. If you like the Tag Editor, a review of it at the App Store would be appreciated.