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Apple have always been impressing the crowd with their software and hardware enhancements over the year. To add a feather to that cap, Apple has redefined the operating system experience with the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

Download Andy OS for PC & Laptop Windows 10 / 8 /7 Offline – 32-bit & 64-bit Now, once you have downloaded the setup from the above link, double-click on the installer file and then click on “ Next” as shown in the image below – Andy OS for PC Installation on Windows 10. On this page, select “I will install the operating system later” and click Next. Guest OS Installation. Yes, you’re right, select Apple Mac OS X and OS version then hit Next. Personalize and select a preferred location for the virtual machine and click Next. Name Virtual Machine.


The Mac OS X Mountain Lion released after being in the Beta version run for a very long time. The Mac OS X Mountain Lion is much more efficient and technologically sound enough to secure your data much stronger than the previous Mac OS Versions, claims Apple. The user interface is said to be improved and much sleeker in the aesthetic appeal.

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Apple has made sure to take in the views and considerations of the Beta version users and the tweaks made through this update are a strong testimony to it. The environment is fabricated with a much easier user experience to tackle all the problems efficiently and smoothly. The Wi-fi performance is also tweaked up to give you seamless connectivity and improved upload and download speeds.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 also houses a better and stable operating system with its release so to give the user the hassle-free experience. There has been a lot of speculations that a huge amount of data can be sent over the internet before the release. Apple made that true with the release of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

Some of the very much looked up to feature in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is

1. Stable Operating System

The stability in the Operating system is a much looked upon the issue in the software framework of Apple. With tons of reviews and inputs from the user, Apple has finally cracked the code and has increased the stability of the operating system with the release of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. The framework has been worked upon and the tiny attention to details has been given to enable the smoothest user experience for Apple.

2. Security Enhancements

There are also improved security enhancements with this update. Apple has been a company that always believes in keeping the security details and the privacy of its customers and has maintained the same till date. The more improved security enhancements in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 update have been top-notch with more security beefed up for browsing, uploading data and as well as downloading data from the internet. The safety protocol involved with apple mail has also greatly improved.

3. Increased Performance of MacBook

Well the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is the dawn update for MacBook users especially. Apple focused on decoding and solving the bugs that erupted among the various MacBook users with the Beta version release of the Mac OS X Mountain lion. The Mountain Lion OS also improved the user interface of the MacBook interface.

4. Sending Huge data over the internet

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 had many expectations before its release out of which sending huge data over the internet was speculated. It was initially considered as a fan-made rumor but Apple made it a reality with the release of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Now wit the release of the Mac OS X Mountain lion, you can send huge amounts of data over the internet which was previously not allowed by the Apple Mac Servers as the Software couldn’t support such a feature with its previous OS versions.

5. Fixes for Screen Saver Issues and Smart Card

The issues that popped up with the previous Mac OS versions speculated a lot of commotion among the Apple users such that apple made it a top priority to make sure that they solved the issue with the next update. The screen saver framework was improved along with the issues that popped up with the Smart card as well. The improvements in these aspects made the Mac OS X Mountain Lion top of the game and well appreciated and welcomed by the users.

There are also many more features to add up to the mentioned features, the other upgrades are minute details and those improvements haven’t created a bigger impact on the user experience.

System Requirements of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  • Minimum RAM requirement of 2GB.
  • Free Hard Disk Drive of 8GB.
  • Intel Multi-Core processor.

Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 ISO and DMG Image

The Mac OS X Mountain DMG file can be downloaded from the below link. The Mac OS X Mountain Lion is considered to be a very stable operating system and won’t be much of a trouble to the users. Make sure that the minimum system requirements are met. The File size is around 4.2 GB. You can also download the DMG file of various other operating systems from the ISO River website.

Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 ISO and DMG Image free - ISORIVER

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 also houses a better and stable operating system with its release so to give the user the hassle-free experience. There has been a lot of speculations that a huge amount of data can be sent over the internet before the release.

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