The perfect shape.

The elemental shape for the solar lamp.

The simple and elegant design allows installing the Lamp in all kind of outdoor ambience and swimming pools.


High brightness.

30 lumen of brightness intensity.

Waterproof and rechargeable.

Solar cell can recharge by solar light even 1mt deep underwater.

Easy to install.

Completely wireless.


High efficiency solar cell.

High-tech components.

Innovative battery.

Iron Phosphate Lithium battery is fire-resistant and prevent explosion.

Possibility yo connect by airwaves.

The lamp can be connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-systems to offer additional comfort an services.

Waterproof and resistant.

The specific synthetic resin and the polycarbonate surface anti-UVA and UVB give high resistance to the solar lamp that can be placed in several different environments such as pool with chlorate or salted water or boat and quay. Thanks to the flat shape and the high resistance to the pressure up to 3500Kg. The solar lamp can be installed in private houses, public areas, car-free zone, cycle path, streets and parking areas.



Flange: PVC flange allows installing the lamp in all kind of floors and surfaces. The aesthetic of the product will be improved as well as its security, because the flange creates a flat surface that will avoid any steps o gaps with the ground where the lamp is placed.

Protruding flange.


Recessed flange.


Technical information.

Battery Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO₄)
Battery capacity 600mAh capacity in 4 batteries installed. (2400mAh total capacity)
Battery shelf life More than 10 years
LED colors Cold white, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow, (flash mode light on request)
Size diameter 138mm x 21,5 mm
Weight 0,53 Kg
Material Policarbonate
Resistance Up to 3500 kg of pressure
Working temperature -20 C° / + 60 C°

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