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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough

Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough

This walkthrough for Dungeon Siege II PC has been posted at 28 Apr 2010 by THUMPER1023 and is called 'FAQ/Walkthrough'. If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up THUMPER1023 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 8 other walkthroughs for Dungeon Siege II, read them all! For Dungeon Siege II on the PC, GameFAQs has 22 guides and walkthroughs. This guide was made for an expansion to the Dungeon Siege 2 game released in 2005. You don't have to finish the base DS 2 in order to play Broken World, but saved characters can be transferred without problem. In this guide you'll find full description of main quests and side quests, maps, lists of unique items and item sets. In Dungeon Siege II, players can have up to 6 party members, but you have 2 characters by default. Increasing the party slot requires a certain fee. You need to talk to any inn keeper on any of the 3 towns in the game. (1 town per act.) 2nd slot - default 3rd slot - 500g 4th slot - 1500g 5th slot - 10000g 6th slot - 65000g AE02 - RECRUITING. Walkthrough Lelani will ask you to find a 'curiosity' from the elven town of Aman'lu, and, as advance payment, she'll give you a child's doll. This quest, despite being labeled for level 3, will span all three Acts of the game, and it'll force you to make several trades, starting with the doll and ending with an Aman'lu orchid.


FAQs & Walkthroughs

Dungeon siege 2 character classes faq Guide v1.0.
Dungeon siege 2 featured guide Featured Guide v1.01. Includes a complete walkthrough for all three acts, maps, information on chants, pets and much more.
Dungeon siege 2 side quests faq Side Quests Guide v1.0.



Dungeon siege 2 6 slots mod This mod allows you to purchase 6 slots in both Mercenary, Veteran and Elite difficulty levels. This mod is fully compatible with existing saved games.
Dungeon siege 2 amulet of the dead This mod adds a new amulet to the game, which when worn will grant you the ability to speak to the dead (the Ghostly Spirits). This mod is fully compatible with existing saved games.
Dungeon siege 2 azunite burial map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 azunite valley map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 camp weapons mod If you want something fun and new for DS2, take a run in the woods with a magical fire poker. Set your enemies straight with a hoe or rake that is embued with balanced but fun stats. A shovel can easily dig your foes a nice grave, or tease them before you beat them with a meaty bone. There is also a small torch as a weapon, a simple staff and even a pitchfork. Everything does something interesting but nothing is (god) cheated.
Dungeon siege 2 chants mod Makes the chest at the beginning of the tutorial give all chants to your character. You can include or exclude quest related chants such as Chant of the Dead, etc.
Dungeon siege 2 cheats, cheat codes & hints
Cheat Codes
Dungeon siege 2 walkthrough gamebansheeWhile playing, press [ENTER] and type:
+bushsux-oluaowrTeleport (*)
+iraqsux-eszaryzSilver Ring
+luvtana-aeviyaaSilver Ring, Weapon, Garment
+krisrox-lzjlcojLess Chunky
+superchunkyMore Chunky
+quwhbaInstant Kill (*)
+drlifeGod Mode (-)
+movieRecord Movie (-)
+versionShow Version

(*) = Enter cheat again to deactivate.
(-) = Enter [-] in front of code to deactivate. Tata photon plus huawei ec156 drivers for macbook pro.

Note: Some cheats may become deactivated after cutscenes or the use of portals. Re-enter the cheat codes to reactivate.

Dungeon Siege 2 Windows 10

Dungeon siege 2 custom pets mod A mod that adds a custom Hak'u Pet for alpha testing. Feel free to download for fun or testing reasons.
Dungeon siege 2 disband mod This mod will allow you to disband any character from the INN, allowing you to pick up the characters again in veteran and elite levels.
Dungeon siege 2 editor Savegame Editor. Edit your skills.
Dungeon siege 2 enchanter's mod MOD will enhance the capabilites of the Enchanters allowing you to apply most of the reagents to any object type.
Dungeon siege 2 gold mod This mod increases the party gold limit from 9,999,999 to 2,147,483,647. This mod is fully compatible with existing saved games.
Dungeon siege 2 guru's sets mod When using this mod, all kills drop Set items from 1st to 100th level.
Dungeon siege 2 incantations mod Incantation Shrines reactivate instantly. Chant of the Dead duration raised from 300 seconds to 3600 seconds. This mod is fully compatible with existing saved games.
Dungeon siege 2 instant xp mod Will instantly net your character the experience necessary to get 100 levels on any kill.
Dungeon siege 2 item mod When used, this mod will give you a 99.9% chance of finding unique, rare and gold items during battle.
Dungeon siege 2 javelins mod With this item mod you can drop lightning Javelins and all sort of Javelins. At release this mod has only 2 Javelins but will be updated as versions come out. This is a great balanced range weapon mod.
Dungeon siege 2 kithraya caverns map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 lucky amulet mod +400% Find Magic Items. This is an amulet with special powers to find items of great magical ability. All classes may use this non god powered item.
Dungeon siege 2 monster mod Play the game as 24 different monsters. The monsters come equipped with their weapon and spells. Monsters cannot wear armor, so a special level-up item is included as a unique purple spellbook. You will recieve this spellbook when you leave the prison for the first time. Do not lose it. In order for the monsters to retain their items and spells in the Dryad prison, the item strip remover mod was created. Some of the monsters include: Carverbat, Feaster, Hak'u Slayer, Impus, KetrilKragen, Maguar, Undead Azunite Mage, Vasp, Vulk, Zombie Legionaire Melee and more.
Dungeon siege 2 n aman'lu map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 n. plain/tears map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 n/w greilyn jungle map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 new hair mod Contains 'unlocked' hairstyles and new colors for use during character creation.
Dungeon siege 2 pack mule pets mod Originally, only the pack mule had multiple item pages, with this mod all pets can have 9 pages of item storage.
Dungeon siege 2 pets & spells mod Allow for all pets in the game to be for sale in the pet store of Act 1.Look for piles of spells from all level / classes in the NPC shops.
Dungeon siege 2 pillow fighting mod Guru's Pillow Fighting mod gives you more levels, more power and with a nice feathery melee pillow to do it all. This is a new item and uses a feather icon in your inventory. In game you will see a pillow that sprays feathers when it hits.While this mod is installed, all drops from kills will be pillows of some type. This mod has been tested from 1-100th level players and it works perfectly. +666666 experience per kill and lots more!
Dungeon siege 2 radar & respawn mod Radar and Respawn has a full view compass (you can now use the compass like a real map), and 90% respawn of every monster you kill. Can be used together or separate, be sure to check the readme.
Dungeon siege 2 broken world walkthrough gamebanshee
Dungeon siege 2 rare everywhere mod Every time you kill something an item based on your level +5 to +100 is dropped being a Rare, Unique, or Set Item.
Dungeon siege 2 run speed mod Party members (including pets) run 2, 3 or 4 times faster.
Dungeon siege 2 s vai'lutra map Map showing key locations.

Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World Walkthrough

Dungeon siege 2 s/e greilyn jungle map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 shield of azunai mod This mod will allow you to get the Shield of Azunai in Dungeon Siege 2.There are two versions of the shield.1. A shield witch I hope resembles the real (by story legend) Shield of Azunai. 2. One with a good attack bonus so there is no sacrifice to wield it (its +2000 to min and max damage).
Dungeon siege 2 skill points mod You can get 2, 3 or 4 skill points on level up with these files. Combine it with some difficultiy mod, => [ included 2, 3, 4, 5x dmg of monsters mods] so the game doesn't become too easy.
Dungeon siege 2 snowbrook map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 walkthrough for pc
Dungeon siege 2 spell slots mod Changes the game to include 4 active spell slots, 4 autocast and 2 reserve.

Dungeon Siege 2 Mods

Dungeon siege 2 succubus mod Adds five additional playable character races: Succubus, Vampire, Nymph, Daemon, and Drow. Max character level has been increased from 100 to 125. And more..
Dungeon siege 2 summon valdis mod This mod adds a spell 'Summon Valdis' to the game. There is a pretty nasty bug in the fact he doesn't walk around with you, rather he summons himself whenever you walk a few steps, but he does help you in fights.

Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough Gamebanshee

Dungeon siege 2 super shops mod You can buy all SETS, UNIQUE items, all magic spells (112 nature spells, 105 battle-magespells), hidden items and items (some requests needed), all pots and no restrictions inquantity in ACT 1 series shops.
Dungeon siege 2 sword of haste mod Sword Of Prismatic Haste is a +500% Swing speed and +420 max damage item with some nice effects including, when this drop/is equipped for the first time, users must battle a summoned beast!
Dungeon siege 2 uberstash mod Expands the stash to hold 255 items, which is the maximum number of items the game will write to a save file. Requires a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.
Dungeon siege 2 vai'kesh forest map Map showing key locations.
Dungeon siege 2 valdis' sword mod Mod allowing the drop of Valdis' sword. Contains 2 files: one (Valdis_99percent.ds2res) drops the 'Hand of the Unmaker' at 99% from minibosses. The other simply adds it to the list of uniques to be dropped. You can put in the 99% file to get the weapon and then replace the file with the valdis_sword.ds2res.

Dungeon Siege 2 Guide

Dungeon siege 2 windstone fort. map Map showing key locations.