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Diablo 2 High Resolution Patch 1.13D


This unofficial 'patch' allows you to play Diablo II in resolutions other than 640x480 and 800x600. It is, for the most part, completed, but there are still a few issues that have not been worked out. The 'patch' lets you select any resolution 640x480 or higher that is supported by your current display adapter/monitor. Install Diablo II and LOD from the bnet installers, I used these keys I found online: D2: 4EK2896KM6J8MYW98YWTH2CD6M D2 LoD: 7HRMZ9WF6NTV482F9EXXEK2HTT DO NOT CONNECT TO BATTLE.NET, it will auto patch your game to the wrong version.

07:57 AMPosted by I know it's possible, but they would have to reprogram the enemy AI to attack from different distances, In D2 a higher resolution means that you can see way more than before since its 2d, so you can't get higher res sprites, but it just tends to make everything smaller. I believe they could implement higher res with modified enemy AI to support it. D2multires mod proved you could increase the resolution, but Blizzard needs to implement the changes for it to work gameplay wise as well. 1280x720 must be possible! And why higher res are not needed?

More Diablo 2 Lod High Resolution Patch videos. So apparently the clickable chat gem from Diablo 2 is in. How to play Diablo 2 LOD with higher resolution. Play battlenet on high resolution there was ban. Only playing single player and LANand for the latest patch 1.13dT. DIABLO 2 LOD 1.13d Higher RESOLUTION? Can I load and play diablo 2 LOD on Linux mint.

I am highly confident that the ones saying this are playing on some low end laptops with intel onboard VGA that support max res 1366x768 so 800x600 actually looks ok for them. Whats left for the people that have at-least full hd res? Have you seen how pixelized the game looks at 1920x1080?! Or maybe those replies are actually sent from blizzard employees that are trying to sabotage the gamers request? This is an insult to any person with up to date pc spec and specially monitor.

Diablo 2 High Resolution

If there will be no support for today's displays then why there are any d2 online servers today? Its 2016 not 2001. CRT are long gone!!!


Blizzard do something and stop being lazy. When I bought Diablo III it was supposed to be safe from hacks and bots and when the hacks and bots came true blizzard disabled trade and ah to deal with the issue. Its like if you blow a tire just remove it and there will be no more blown tires.

Diablo 2 Max Resolution

A five years old can come up with such solution. I am willing to give back all my game cd-keys if you lazies at blizzard rework diablo 2 with graphics close to diablo 3 as diablo 3 is your all time worst game and I have 3K+ play hours to back this up. D3 is suitable for getting you to bed as it is so soo sooo boring and there is actually no end-game, no trade, no pvp no nothing. Any of today's free to play aRPG's are much better.

What do your staff members do all day? What do you pay them for an specially what do we pay you for? To be lazy and do nothing against hackers, botters and polishing your games?

I have bought multiple games from you blizzard - d2, wc3, d3, sc2 and Overwatch(aim hackers in the game atm) and OW would be the last game I purchase from this company as it is now on par with the low standard level that WB have for their pc games. Evaluation for blizzards latest games work: D3 - ever going beta with removing features instead of adding such, for example: removing the trade as we can not deal with bots and hacks as our programmers are incapable Overwatch - final release, still beta with lots of things missing.

The biggest mistake here - add all the hacks from Counter-Strinke as in-game features - aim hack(soldier), wall hack(widow), speed hack(tracer). I also have to mention that there are hackers which are exploiting/injecting the ingame features to any char to: see through walls or to aim hack(simply inject the targeting system that the dwarf turret uses). Please blizzard get down diablo 3 and rework it to be 1:1 like diablo 2 - you will have much more players online I bet!!!

Diablo 2 High Resolution Patch 1.13 Download

10:12 AMPosted by I Don't like the higher res idea. You all realize more res = more field of view.

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Diablo 1.13d

You'd be able to telestomp from farther distances. Just because the game is in a higher resolution does not mean you increase the field of view. You would probably get a higher FoV from Diablo 2 becoming widescreen though. Running diablo 2 in a higher res (depending if blizzard still has the art assets or not) could just mean higher resolution sprites; because even running all diablo 2 sprites through something like would be a nice improvement. Game strategi terbaik pc.

Diablo 2 1.13d Download

But this is assuming that the diablo 2 engine can support higher resolution sprites internally.