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Compile C Programs Terminal

  • In the terminal, type nano yourcode.c (assuming you want to use nano); Or use your Leafpad editor (and make sure to know where your file is saved). Back to the terminal, navigate to where your C file is stored. (Reminder: ls to list directory contents, cd to change directory.).
  • Jan 11, 2020 Compile And Run C, C Programs In Linux. First, let us see how to compile and run a simple program written in C language. Compile And Run C Programs. Write your code/program in your favorite CLI/GUI editor. I am going to write my C program using nano editor. $ nano ostechnix.c. Note: You need to use extension.c for C programs or.cpp for C.

Compile C Program Linux


People do not write programs directly in machine language. Instead, they write in a much more readable form and rely on a piece of software called a compiler to translate to machine language. We will use a compiler that translates from C++ to machine language. In general, a compiler translates a source language, such as C++, into a target language, such as machine language.

Compiling a C++ program using g++

How To Compile And Run C Program Using Command Line In ..

Use g++ to compile a C++ program. Command translates prog.cpp from C++ to machine language, creating executable program called name. Option -Wall requests all normal warnings. Option -W requests a few more that are useful. Option -o gives the name that you want the executable file to have. For example, compiles hailstone.cpp and calls the executable file hailstone. (In Linux, executable files normally have no extension, unlike Windows, where executable files normally have extension .exe.)

Compile the C Program. Following is the basic syntax for compiling C program: gcc programName.c -o programName. Now its time to compile the written C program. To compile the program run below command in the terminal: gcc demo.c -o demo. If there is no problem you won’t get any output. Run the C Program.

TerminalCompile C Programs Terminal

Running your program

To run file hailstone, use command

A program normally reads from the standard input (the keyboard, by default) and writes to the standard output (the terminal by default).

You can redirect the standard input or the standard output (or both) so that they are attached to files. Command runs hailstone, but it reads from file data1.txt instead of from the keyboard. Command additionally causes the output from hailstone to go into file out.txt.

Compile C Program Windows 10

Using make

The make utility makes it easy to compile software. Each assignment comes with a file called Makefile. It contains instructions for make that tell it how to build a particular piece of software. The instructions consist of a sequence of targets, dependencies and commands.

Linux command tells make to build target tgt, according to the instructions in Makefile. Linux command tells make to make the first target in Makefile.

Stopping a rogue program

If your program goes into an infinite loop, you will need to stop it. Type control-C. That will usually stop it. If that does not work, see killing a process.

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Here is a simple 5 step instruction to compile and execute C/C++ program on the linux terminal. I have also included a sample C/C++ example to demonstrate.

In order to write the program in the terminal itself, we need a console (terminal) based text editor so, I am using Vim in this tutorial since vim is the most popular console text editor, but you are free to write your program in any editor like nano, pico, jed or vim etc.

Now, lets follow the instructions but it would be really helpful if you learn some vim basics here (won’t take much time) before proceeding to the instructions or its perfectly okay if you are in a hurry 🙂


1. Open the terminal and install vim by typing

2. Now, create a new C/C++ program name with this vim command

(for C program)

Compile C Code Terminal Mac

(for C++ program)

Mass effect 2 hide helmet.
3. and press the i keyon your keyboard to start writing your program and when you have completed your program press ESC and type :wq to save your code and exit vim editor.

C program example-

C++ program example-

4. compile your code by using the following gcc compiler command

(for C program)

(for C++ program)

5. on success compilation, the gcc compiler produces an executable file named ‘a.out’ which you will execute using the following command to view the output of your program.

output of the above program

To open an existing file use the same command which is used to create a new file
vi program.c

for information on vim basics see this link
for vim commands see this link

Here is a 3 minute video tutorial to understand it more better !