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What does Spotify downloader look like in your mind? Is it a standalone app or just run online or an extension that integrated with Chrome? People who prefer to download their Spotify playlist to obtain the MP3 for making CD or transfer to enjoy during the road-trip asked the question frequently, if there is any Spotify downloader, a working Spotify downloader available. It is the fact that there is no way for Spotify publishing an official tool to download and save Spotify tracks. Among the so-called Spotify downloaders in the market, seldom of them are workable and even worse, bring Ad and risk to computer. Thus, we hand-pick the Spotify downloaders that 100% actually work, saving your energy to try one by one.

The ideal Spotify downloader should allow you to download tracks in playlists from any Spotify user account, no matter free or premium subscription plan. What you need to do is login the Spotify user account, click and select the Spotify track or playlist to download. With simple clicks and the songs from Spotify are downloaded successfully.

How to Use Spotify Equalizer on Other Devices. Unfortunately, this option is not available to all devices. For Mac users, the macOS Spotify app does not have an equalizer. While for Windows users, access to equalization varies per device. Luckily, there are a lot of third-party equalizer options available for download, many of which are free. The online Spotify visualizer is namely Kaleidosync, which is a web-based Spotify visualizer app. When you launch this online music visualizer for Spotify in your web browser, you will be required to log in to your Spotify account. If you don't have, you can try to get Spotify premium free and then create a premium one.

With these in mind, we tested many Spotify music downloaders in the market, such as Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, Tuneskit, Spotify VK downloader, Keepvid Music, musicforyou and etc. Here are what we think the most reliable Spotify downloaders till now. Besides, we briefly tell how these tools work to download songs from Spotify.

The Most Reliable Spotify Downloaders

Sidify Music Converter for Spotify

Introduction: Sidify Music Converter for Spotify is a well-known standalone Spotify Music Downloader, works on both Windows and Mac platforms. It allows people to save Spotify tracks or albums to computer and convert them to various audio format such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC with fast speed. Built with advanced encoding technology, Sidify Music Converter for Spotify is able to record the Spotify songs with lossless quality, while retaining the ID3 tags for further organization. (Check review)

How does Sidify work to download Spotify music? Launch Sidify Music Converter for Spotify on either Windows or Mac PC, Click anywhere in the center to open the Add Window. Go to Spotify app, and choose any Spotify track, album or playlist you’d like to download, copy the URL and paste to Sidify. Then press Convert button to start downloading Spotify songs to MP3 by default. More settings such as output format, audio quality, and conversion mode could be adjusted if needed.

Reasons to love:

  • Download Spotify track and albums with one-click
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV with lossless quality
  • Skip Ad for Spotify free users
  • Support 34 languages, good localization
  • Regular updates and effective technical support

Tuneskit Spotify Converter

Introduction: ТunesKit Spotify Converter is a smart Spotify DRM removal tool specialized in downloading and converting any Spotify music, including Spotify tracks, playlists and albums to common MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B format with original quality and ID tags preserved, such as artist, track number, year, genre, composer, etc. It is available on Windows and Mac OS. (Check review)

How does Tuneskit work to download Spotify music? Launch ТunesKit Spotify Converter on either Windows or Mac PC, search any track, album or playlist from the Spotify app and drag the songs to TunesKit main screen. Click the menu bar and select Preferences to choose the output audio format you’d like to download from Spotify music. Start downloading by clicking Convert button and wait for the downloaded Spotify songs.

Reasons to love:

  • Support downloading Spotify songs as MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV and FLAC
  • Offer flexible options to customize audio channel, bit rate, sample rate, etc
  • The downloaded Spotify song could be played via Sony Walkman, iPod, iRiver, Zune…
  • Skip Ad for Spotify free users

KeepVid Music

Introduction: KeepVid Music which is also called iMusic, is a comprehensive music management app for Windows and Mac. Its core functionality is allowing you to grab music streams from the Internet and turn them into fully functional music tracks as MP3 that are ready to use in playlists on your smartphones. Besides, it lets you discover and download music from different sharing platforms and sources and organize your iTunes playlist and transferring the content to iOS devices. (Check review)

How iMusic work to download Spotify music? Launch KeepVid Music on your computer, find the “Download” window easily-follow the path “Get Music” > “Download”. Open Spotify app and select the music which you want to download. Copy and paste the Spotify track or playlist link to iMusic “Download” window. Then press Download. The music will be downloading to MP3 directly.

Reasons to love:

  • Download Spotify to MP3 directly or record Spotify songs to MP3 with high quality
  • The downloaded Spotify songs can be transferred to iPod, iPhone, Android or PC directly
  • Support discovering and downloading music from over 1000 music and video sites
  • Fix music library intelligently with correct ID3 tags
  • Skip Ad for Spotify free users

The Spotify Downloaders that We Don’t Recommend

Spotiload (former Spotify VK Downloader)

Spotify VK downloader which changed its name to Spotiload now, is used to be a popular solution to download Spotify songs from Spotify online for years. People talk it a lot through forums, and it worked in the past. However, you cannot use it as the usual way anymore. Spotiload uses vk.com social network to search and download tracks with matching name from any Spotify playlist. You can use it by installing it from extension on Chrome.

Through our test, the Spotiload extension is not stable to download the exact track of Spotify properly. We think it is because Spotiload does not record the songs from Spotify but find other sources to replace. And it has some trouble when downloading songs that have multiple artists. Although it is free of charge, we still do not recommend people who has the demand to download Spotify songs and care about the quality to use it. At least, not a priority choice.

Other Spotify downloaders such as musicforyou, MP3FY, we list them as not recommended Spotify downloader for two reasons: one is that they downloads some random or wrong tracks sometimes, and the other is that it takes too long time to response when clicking download.


Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, Tuneskit Spotify Converter and KeepVid Music are the three Spotify downloaders we recommend currently for their performance on downloading Spotify songs. The first two applications have similar features and both of them are easy-to-use. It depends on you which to try. For us, we prefer Sidify Spotify Music Converter for its regular updates and warm technical support. It is important to get effective support when you meet any issue when using the program. KeepVid Music is the best choice if you want to download music through multiple online sites and record any sound on computer.

We would keep this article up to date to present the workable solutions to download Spotify music for you.

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Control sound with Boom 3D
Get a one-stop sound booster and equalizer for Mac.

Most people would agree that not only the era of buying CDs is over but even buying individuals songs or albums digitally. Why spend $9.99 on an album when you can get a nearly unlimited amount of music streamed to all of your devices for the same price?

No wonder music streaming services are booming. There's Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud, and more. But, by far, the biggest player in this industry today is Spotify, which is available in over 90 countries and boasts a sizable library of 60 million songs.

So how to play Spotify on Mac? How to download Spotify on Mac? How to update Spotify on Mac? How to download music from Spotify? You can find answers to all these questions and more in our handy guide below.

Why Use Spotify For Mac

Spotify has a lot of things going for it. The library of songs is enormous and updated daily with all the new releases. Since the service has signed agreements with every major label, you can find any songs or albums pretty much since the start of music recording, from the Beatles to Lil Wayne.

If you're not sure what music to play, Spotify makes it easy too, suggesting you radio, playlists, charts, new releases, and more — all based on your preferences. The more you listen the more accurately Spotify identifies what else you might be interested in.

The Spotify app for Mac also connects you to your Facebook friends, so you can see what others are listening to and discover new music that way. Besides, Spotify has by now become a powerful player in the podcast world, featuring lots of exclusives, such as Joe Rogan Experience and The Michelle Obama Podcast.

Can you download music from Spotify? Of course! You can download Spotify songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts until you run out of storage space on your device. For the app itself, you can get a Spotify download for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Let’s see how to download Spotify on Mac, in particular.

How to download Spotify on Mac

While Spotify has a web app for online listening, there are quite a few reasons to actually get a Spotify download for Mac instead, the most important of which is the ability to download Spotify songs for offline listening.

Here’s how you can download Spotify for Mac:

  1. Visit spotify.com

  2. Click Download in the top menu

  3. In the pop-up bar, click Allow for the Spotify download to start

  4. In your Downloads folder, unzip the Spotify installer

  5. Double-click on the installation file and go through the process

Now you can access Spotify from your Applications folder like any other app and even put it in your Dock.

In the rare case you find that Spotify won't open on Mac, put the current version in the Trash and simply download a new one from the website, repeating the process above.

Tips for using Spotify on Mac

Once you get the Spotify app for Mac, using it is rather intuitive. But there are some tricks. For example, you can’t download Spotify songs and albums directly, but you can download playlists. So you need to either add albums and songs to specific playlists (you can create as many as you want) or you can like songs using the heart icon and then download the automatic Liked Songs playlist. To download, just switch the Download toggle above any playlist.

Since Spotify tends to launch every time you turn on your Mac, a lot of people wonder how to stop Spotify from opening on startup Mac. To do so:

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  1. Go to Spotify Preferences (⌘ + ,)

  2. Scroll all the way down and click Show Advanced Settings

  3. Find Startup and Window Behavior and switch the dropdown to No

Another must-use feature is the Spotify equalizer Mac usually ignores by default. In the same Preferences menu, find Normalize Volume under the Music Quality section and toggle it on. Now all songs will be of the same volume, and you won’t have to adjust your speakers for every track.

Finally, not only can you playback Spotify on Mac, you can connect it to over 2,000 devices, such as smart speakers, TVs, gaming consoles, etc. To do that, make sure your devices are using the same WiFi network and then use the Devices Available menu at the bottom panel of your Spotify to connect them.

How to use Group Session on Spotify

One of the latest features released in 2020 on Spotify has been the ability to create a group session.

You know how when you’re at a party or dinner or office, and only one person has the control of the music playing on their device? Group Session is designed to make that music stream collaborative and give everyone an opportunity to pause, play, and add songs to the common queue. The feature is still in beta and is not available on Mac, but you can try it on your iPhone:

  1. When a song is playing, tap the Devices Available icon

  2. Under “Start a group session,” choose Start Session

  3. Invite your friends to join either by sending them links or by having them scan your code

Now you all control the same queue of songs without needing to use the same device and while being socially distant. A useful feature indeed!

How to achieve the best sound on Mac

As soon as you figure out how to play Spotify on Mac, you get instant access to more than 60 million songs. The next best thing you can do is fine-tune your audio setup to really enjoy your newly found unlimited music experience.

Spotify App For Mac Desktop

Boom 3D is the most advanced audio enhancer for your Mac. This app features a range of high-quality sound boosting presets that you can also tweak manually to make any genre sound exactly as it meant to be, regardless of your speakers. Additionally, you can even turn on the 3D Surround Sound feature for your headphones for complete audiophile immersion. And if you find your Mac’s max volume too quiet, you can go past the hardware limit using one of Boom 3D’s most sought-after features.

How to focus with music on Mac

All the open-space offices, coworking spaces, and even construction sites next to your home destroy your focus when you need to get something important done. And if you put on your headphones and simply crank up the music, you could miss out on everything that’s useful going on around you. Is there a middle ground?

Silenz is the perfect sound mixer for your Mac. As soon as you put on headphones (whether regular or wireless), this app will adjust your sound flow to the surrounding world, so you can stay focused without all the background noise but, at the same time, hear your phone ring or someone speaking to you. Silenz is compatible with any third-party media player or service, including Spotify, and works automatically, even without your direct involvement.

Now that you know how to download music from Spotify and some other tips for volume boosting with Boom 3D and sound mixing with Silenz, you can create your perfect audio environment in no time.

Best of all, Boom 3D and Silenz are available to you free for seven days via the trial of Setapp, a platform with more than 200 powerful apps that augment your daily Mac experience, from create icons in seconds (Image2icon) to troubleshooting your WiFi coverage (NetSpot). Try them all at no cost and see how much better your life with apps can be.

Spotify App For Mac

Setapp lives on Mac and iOS. Please come back from another device.

Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.

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