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Avast is one of the most leading company that makes high-quality security software. And not only that it gives security to your precious device, but it also comes with the functionality of cleaning up and speeding up your system, which is why we are going to have Avast Cleanup review in the article below.

Some of the main reasons as to why this Mac cleaner software has a high sale are that it offers to make the best out of your old system or PC. This way, its users will be able to optimize their operating system which will make their system to run faster than it was.

Article GuidePart 1. Is Avast Cleanup Free?Part 2. How Much Does The Avast Cleanup Cost?Part 3. The Best Alternative for Avast CleanupPart 4. Conclusion

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Avast Cleanup Premium 2021 1 PC, 1 Year Download at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This article is basically a review of Avast Cleanup Premium. I will explain how well Avast cleanup works and clean up your PC. I will be mentioning some of its features, its advantages and last but not the least; is it worth using Avast Cleanup Premium.

Part 1. Is Avast Cleanup Free?

Avast has actually two versions. One is the trial version wherein you can use the software for a specific span of time for free. However, the functionality of the trial version is limited. But if you would want to have more of its feature, then you will be needing to purchase its full version which is the Avast Cleanup Premium. Vagcom 311 2 keygen software update.

So, what’s in the Avast Cleanup Premium? Here are its subdivisions.

Maintenance – This is where the cleaner will be able to help you maintain your Mac device. Also, it can display the percentage of how your Mac is turned up.

Speed Up – It can be able to help you in speeding up the performance of your Mac. As you know, there are actually a lot of programs that take up the memory of your device that is running silently in the background. So with the help of this subdivision, you will be able to know on what are the things that are keeping your Mac run slow and that it will be able to give you an option to turn it off manually. And as you do that, this software will show you on your screen how much improvement happened to your Mac.

Free Up Space – This software will also be able to help you in checking out all of the junk files that you have and as well as on removing them. This way, you will be able to speed up the performance of your device.

So what are the features that you can find on the Avast Cleanup? Here are they!

1. Scanning

The scanning process of the Avast Cleanup Premium is known to be fast. It is said to be faster than its other competitors. However, the downfall of this feature is that it does not have the ability to specify the specific area of your memory that it has to scan.

2. Repairing

This feature of the Avast Cleanup Premium is actually not available on its trial version. But, if you do get the Avast Cleanup Premium, then you will be able to repair specified area on your Mac aside from the fact of fixing your whole device.

3. Undo Option

This is actually considered to be one of the best parts of the Avast Cleanup Premium. This is because there is actually an undo option. Using this feature will allow you to be able to revert the changes that you have made.

4. It Comes With Perks


There are also some perks that you can have when you get the Avast Cleanup Premium. This is that it actually offers customer support. There is also a way for you to submit a ticket so that help will be able to get on you.

5. Sleep Mode Function

This is one feature that is capable of disabling all of the non-essential functions. This way, the software will be able to give your Mac a boost in its speed.

6. Remove Old Uninstalled Files

This is the feature of the Avast Cleanup wherein you will be able to clean up all the files that are left behind by the applications that you have uninstalled on your Mac. This is because these files are considered to be useless and just a waste of space on your system. Also, these files are one of the reasons as to why your system will run slow.

Part 2. How Much Does The Avast Cleanup Cost?

As what we have mentioned earlier, the Avast Cleanup is not for free. It only offers a free trial wherein you will be able to test out the options that are offered. The free trial version of the software only lasts for 20 days which is good enough for you to clean up your Mac system for free.

However, if you are going to avail their full version, here are their price list.

  • One year - $49.99
  • Two years - $89.99
  • Three years - $129.99

As you can see, their prices are not that cheap that is why what we recommend for you to do is to get their free trial for 20 days so that you will be able to check out all of the features that it offers.

For some users, they say that the Avast Cleanup is not actually worth the price. It is maybe because they are experiencing some issues in using the Avast Cleanup. They say that they would prefer another software as an alternative which can do all the cleaning functions, does not have any issues, and at the same time, have a cheaper price.

Part 3. The Best Alternative for Avast Cleanup

Now, if you are actually one of those people who is looking for an alternative for the Avast Cleanup, then we have something to offer. This is by using one of the most powerful tools there is in the market called the iMyMac PowerMyMac.

The iMyMac PowerMyMac is considered to be and an all-in-one tool that you can definitely use for you to clean up your Mac. It only takes a simple click for you to free up space on your Mac’s storage space, protect your privacy, and at the same time, speed up the performance of your Mac.

Features of iMyMac PowerMyMac

There are actually a lot of features that the iMyMac PowerMyMac have. Some of them are somewhat similar with the Avast Cleanup but are more advanced. And the good thing about it is that the iMyMac PowerMyMac actually offers more.

  • Performance Monitor – The iMyMac PowerMyMac has the ability to monitor your Mac’s performance. This is one feature wherein you can get a closer look at your CPU’s performance at any time that you want. You can also check out how much RAM you are consuming and the available Disk space left on your Mac.
  • Smart Cleanup – The iMyMac PowerMyMac is considered to be a smart cleaner. This is because the PowerMyMac can clean up all the known mess that you have on your Mac. This is also smart enough to know which of your files are considered to be important from those that are just littering on your Mac.
  • Memory Retriever – This is because it can retrieve the memory that you lost because of the junks that you have on your Mac.
  • Application Uninstaller – You can use the iMyMac PowerMyMac to uninstall all the applications that you no longer need on your Mac. And not only that, but you can also remove all the files that are associated with the application that you need to uninstall. This way, you will be assured that you get all the space that you need on your Mac.

The iMyMac PowerMyMac also has 6 main modules that you can use for you to deal with your Mac. These modules come with different options as well.

  1. Status – This is used to see the status of your Mac while it is running. This module comes in three parts which are the CPU, Disk, and Memory. The data on this will actually refresh and will show you the status of your Mac whenever you go to this page of the program
  2. Master Scan – This is where you will be able to find options for you to clean up your Mac’s system. And as a matter of fact. It does not only give you the option of cleaning, but it can also give you the option to decide which files you are going to remove from your Mac. This way, you will prevent the risk of mistakenly deleting important files that you have on your Mac. There are also options that you can choose from on which area would want to clean up.
  3. Large and Old Files
  4. Duplicate Finder
  5. Toolkit – This is the module wherein it acts as your virtual toolbox. In this module, you will be able to manage your Mac. This module also comes with options that you can choose from like Extensions, Shredder, Similar Image Finder.
  6. Uninstaller
  7. Privacy

As you can see, the iMyMac PowerMyMac has more to offer than the Avast Cleanup. It has more functionality that you can definitely use for you to maintain, optimize, free up space, and speed up the performance of your Mac’s system. This is why it is called as an all-in-one Mac application.

Is The iMyMac PowerMyMac for Free?

Honestly, no, it is not for free. However, you can have the free trial for 30 days (longer than the Avast Cleanup). This way, you will be able to check out all the functions that the iMyMac PowerMyMac has to offer. You will be able to check out how awesome the iMyMac PowerMyMac is to use on your Mac.

However, the iMyMac PowerMyMac is considered to be cheaper than the Avast Cleanup. If you are going to get the full version of the iMyMac PowerMymac, here is the price list that you can refer to. The price actually depends on how many Mac device you are going to have the software.

  • $9.95 – for a 1-month license
  • $19.95 – for a 1-year license
  • $29.95 – for a lifetime license
  • $49.95 – for a family license

As you can see on the price list, you will be able to get the iMyMac PowerMyMac for a way cheaper price than the Avast Cleanup. These prices are actually discounted price already. So meaning, you can have a cheaper software but you are actually getting more than what you pay for.

Is It Worth It?

Definitely, Yes, it is worth it. This is because of the powerful features that it caters to all Mac users and at the same time, its price is cheaper than the other software. Getting more for your Mac on a cheap price is really worth it. Plus performance wise, the iMyMac PowerMyMac definitely performs very well on Mac.

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Part 4. Conclusion

So as you can see, the Avast Cleanup is actually one of the software that you can have for you to clean up your Mac and have it maintained. Plus the fact that it is considered to be one of the most popular software becomes the reason as to why people opt to use it.

However, there are some issues that some are experiencing with the Avast Cleanup, and with that, it is like actually spending money on nothing. That is why, if you are going to look for something that will offer more than the Avast Cleanup, cheaper, and performs well, then it is more likely that the iMyMac PowerMyMac is for you.

This program offers you to have more functions that you can use on your Mac but with a way cheaper price. Plus, the iMyMac PowerMyMac does not have any issues when you use the program on your Mac. This software will actually perform well and better than the other.

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A powerful all-in-one App for Mac

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Avast Security For Mac

Sadly, Macs aren’t perfect machines. Although initially they’re impressively fast, eventually they’ll start to slow down. There are numerous reasons why this might be, but often it’s because your Mac is full of junk files you might not even know about. Mac optimization software specializes in getting rid of these files and bringing your computer back to good health. But how do you pick just one? Here, we’ll be comparing two well-known Mac optimizers. First, we have Avast Cleanup Pro, made by the famous antivirus company of the same name. Up against Avast is CleanMyMac made by Mac specialists, MacPaw. Both have impressive pedigrees, but which stands out the most?

Main Features
Avast Cleanup Pro
CleanMyMac X
Free TrialFree TrialFree Trial
CouponsAvast Cleanup ProCoupons
System Cleanup
Cleanup Customization
Trash Cleanup
Browser Cleanup
Photo Cleanup
Language Removal
Cache Cleanup
Mail Cleanup
iTunes Cleanup
Log Cleanup
Avast Cleanup Pro
CleanMyMac X
Startup Optimizer
Memory Optimization
Privacy Protection
Reindex Spotlight
Mail Optimization
Duplicate File Removal
Avast Cleanup Pro
CleanMyMac X
Free Trial
Free Version
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days
Payment Methods
Avast Cleanup Pro
CleanMyMac X
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Customer Support
Avast Cleanup Pro
CleanMyMac X
Live Chat
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Remote Desktop

Avast Cleanup Pro

It’s reassuring to know your software is developed by cybersecurity giants who have years of experience – like Avast. With Avast Cleanup Pro the company leaves its Windows comfort zone to take on the macOS market. Don’t expect Avast Cleanup Pro to be packed with features though. In fact, the software is stripped down, making it ideal for inexperienced users or for those wanting simple Mac optimization. However, it excels in the features it does provide. Avast’s computer scans are some of the fastest around, so you’ll quickly be able to declutter your Mac by getting rid of unwanted junk files and unnecessary logs. Much like CleanMyMac, when Avast Cleanup Pro deletes a file, it stays deleted forever and leaves no traces left behind.


Duplicate Scan

Prices for Avast Cleanup Pro depend on how long you want the service for. Users can choose between 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year subscriptions with discounts offered for the longer plans. Unfortunately, prices are a little expensive for the shorter subscriptions, costing $47.88 a year. Regardless of which plan you opt for, all purchases are covered by Avast’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download CleanMyMac X from MacPaw’s website and clean up to 500MB of junk data from your computer while enjoying all the features of the software without major limitations.


While Avast may be a famous name on the internet security market, CleanMyMac is a famous name for anyone with Mac experience. The most impressive aspect of CleanMyMac is the large number of features it offers. Of course, all the standard tools are there like junk removal and a duplicate file finder. However, CleanMyMac goes further than the competition by providing users with a virtual assistant, which makes cleaning your Mac easier by allowing you to quickly access all of its features. CleanMyMac also scans for malware, checks for software updates, and frees up RAM to keep your computer running smoothly. There’s also the unique Space Lens feature which visualizes your computer’s storage to show you which files (or type of files) are straining your Mac’s resources and filling your hard drive.


Avast Cleanup For Mac Review

Avast Security Free Mac

Malware Removal

Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Although CleanMyMac doesn’t provide a free trial, there is a free version for users to get a feel of the software. Naturally, the free version is limited so you won’t be able to clean your Mac completely without upgrading. When it comes to value for money, CleanMyMac impresses compared to Avast Cleanup Pro with prices starting at $39.95 a year and the option of buying lifetime licenses. No matter which package you choose, you’ll be covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Avast Cleanup Pro and CleanMyMac are both well-known names for anyone looking for Mac optimization software, but they both offer very different packages. Avast’s offer is reliable but surprisingly simplistic, providing users with just the bare essentials. However, this makes it perfect for less tech-savvy users who don’t want to micromanage their system. Meanwhile, CleanMyMac has all the features you’d expect and more. We were particularly impressed with the unique Space Lens function, which allows users to truly visualize their Mac’s hard drive space. Not only that, but CleanMyMac is also the cheaper option for users looking for a one-year subscription, and, unlike Avast Cleanup Pro, it offers a lifetime license. Regardless of which software you choose, after you’ve finished optimizing your computer your Mac will thank you for it.

Avast Cleanup Reviews

Best Mac Optimization Software of 2021


  • User-friendly client
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  • Versatile, user-oriented customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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