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Best Data Plans for Airtel Network Subscribers in 2020. Data Plan For Airtel – Airtel Nigeria offers many data plan packages to its users, it is left for the customer to choose the one that fits his or her taste. But it is sad that many people do not know which one is actually the best. 10) For any other kind of assistance, Airtel Prepaid customer is free to download the Airtel app from below. How To Avail Airtel 10GB Free Data: 1) First of all turn on your smartphone and Dial 5999555 Airtel free 10GB data number from your Airtel mobile number. 2) Now click on the Green call button, now call will be connected within a moment. Using APKPure App to upgrade Airtel 4G, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Airtel 4G Airtel 4G Mobile Dialer is a mobile software/application which allows customers to make VoIP calls from their smart phones using internet on a cost effective way. To recharge data card online, you need to have an account with Airtel. You can also download the Airtel Thanks app for online payments. Data Card recharge via the website: Visit the website and log in.

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  2. Airtel Data Card Unlock software, free download
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Today I will share some Airtel free data code 2021 to get free data. You have to just dial some numbers to get data.

We all know about Airtel which is known for blazing speed. Airtel data plans are 1GB/Day, 1.4GB/Day, 1.5GB/Day, 2GB/Day, and more.

But everyday daily limit exhausted very soon. Don’t worry I will share with you Airtel data code 2021. Just read the post carefully.

You may ever search for how to get free data in Airtel and didn’t find any useful content. Then this post is for you. You will get 140 GB Free Data officially with Airtel free internet tricks 2021.


  • Airtel 4G SIM
  • 4G Smartphone.
  • Good 4G Network Coverage To Get High Speed.

Airtel Free Data Code 2021

Here I will share some Airtel free data code 2021 to get FREE data. I have to mention that all the free data codes are user-specific.

It may not works for all Airtel users. If you have multiple Airtel SIM cards, you can try with all SIMS.

Apart from Airtel free data code 2021, I will also share some other methods to get free data.

#1: Free 1GB/2GB Data With Lays Chips

Do you like Lays Chips? Hahaha. That’s a funny question, right. Almost everyone loves Lays Chips. You will get 1GB or 2 GB data with Lays Chips.

  • Just go to your nearest market and buy a Lays pack worth Rs.10 or Rs.20.
  • Open the pack and get the 12 digit Airtel promo code.
  • Download the Airtel Thanks app and find the banner of the Lays Offer.
  • And enter the code in the app.
  • You will get 1GB data with Rs.10 pack and 2GB data with Rs.20.
  • Enjoy your Lays and free data.

#2: How To Get 10GB Free Data

I will share with you Airtel 10GB free data number. Airtel is offering free 10 GB of data every month. You have to just give a miss call to get the free 10GB data. You will get Airtel free data 10 GB.

Airtel data plan
  • Open Dialler Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now dial 5999555 from your Airtel number.
  • The call will be disconnected automatically.
  • You will receive an SMS like the image below.
  • Voila! You are done. You will get 10 GB of Data.
  • Now you can check the balance at my airtel app or by dialing *121*51#.
  • You will get 10 GB of free internet data with this number.

This is Airtel 10 GB free data code. And this offer is user-specific. If this Airtel free data code 2021 not working on your 1 Airtel SIM, then you can try the same steps on another Airtel SIM(Your Family Member’s Airtel Number)

#3: Airtel Free Data Code To Get 4GB Data

You will get 4 GB of data by giving a miss call. Just follow the steps below to get the 4GB data.

• Open Dialler Pad on your Smartphone
• Now Dial 52122.
• Then your call will be disconnected automatically
• Now you will receive an SMS regarding 4GB Data
• Done your account credited with 4GB

#4. Get 30GB Free Data

This is a welcome 4G offer who upgraded to Airtel 4G from Airtel 2G and Airtel 3G. When you will be upgraded to 4G you will get 30GB data (1GB/Day). Airtel free data code 2021 is working on some Airtel sim. Check out the Airtel 30 GB free data trick below.

  • Open Dialler Pad on your smartphone
  • Now dial this
  • Then A computer voice will congrats you regarding 30GB data
  • You will receive an SMS regarding 30 GB data
  • Your account credited with 30 GB (1GB/Day)

This Airtel free internet code is works for most users.

#5: Get 28GB Free Data By Giving A Miss A Call

Check out below the Airtel free data code 2021 to get instant 28GB.

  • Open Dial Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now Dial 125346 and give a miss call
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS about 28 GB

This offer is user-specific. Try this offer you are lucky you will get 28GB data for free.

#6: Get Free 10GB Data By Dialling USSD Code

You have to just dial some USSD codes to get his offer. And you can surf free internet by airtel. Here is trick to get Airtel 10GB free data below

  • First, open your Dial Pad and dial *121#.
  • Now you will receive a Pop-Up Message, Just close the Pop Up Window and wait a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, you will receive another Pop-up Promotional Message.
  • Enter number 4 and tap on Send to select My Offer.
  • You will receive another new Pop up window. Here you can see your Airtel Mobile Number.
  • Then enter number 7 and tap on sending after sending this you will receive another pop-up window about Airtel Free 10 GB Data Offer.
  • Now enter the number 1 and tap on send to get the free data.
  • You will receive a confirmation about 10GB free data.
  • Enjoy.

This is Airtel 10gb free trick.

#7: Airtel Postpaid Offer To Get 60 GB Data

I have shared some airtel free internet. Now I will share a trick foe postpaid user.

  • Open your Default Message app on your Smartphone
  • Now type SURPRISE and send it to 121
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation SMS about your 60GB data

This offer is only for Postpaid users. If you are a postpaid user you will get 60GB data for free.

#8: Get 100 MB Data By Dialing USSD Code

You will get 100 MB data with this trick. You can call it Airtel 100 MB Cheat Code.

  • Open Dial Pad on your Smartphone
  • Now dial *121*100# this airtel free data code 2021
  • Now you will receive 100 MB data for free

Some Other Airtel Free Data Tricks

Above I have shared some Airtel free data code 2021. Now let’s see some Airtel official offers.

#1: Airtel Official Offer To Get 1 GB Data

Airtel is offering 1GB data free data for inactive users. You will receive an SMS regarding this offer.

Iar license fee

If you have an Airtel SIM card and you don’t use that SIM card. Just put your SIM on your Mobile Phone, and you will get 1 GB of data for 3 days.

#2: Get 2 GB Data With Airtel Thanks

Airtel is offering data for installing the Airtel Thanks app for the first time. Airtel is offering 1GB data for installing the app.

  • Download Airtel Thanks App
  • Open the Airtel Thanks App
  • Now Enter your airtel mobile number
  • Then Enter OTP and verify it.
  • Within 1 hour you will receive2 GB free data
  • If you will not get the data then follow the below
  • Open Airtel Thanks app and go to Menu and tap on Special Bundle Offer
  • You will see
  • Free 4G 2GB Data Internet for 30 days
  • Tap on the Claim now button
  • Done! Your account credited with 2GB

#3: Get 1GB Data With Wynk Music

You will get data just for installing the Wynk music app. This offer is for installing Wynk app for the first time. This is an official airtel free internet app.

  • Download Wynk Music
  • Open the Wynk Music App
  • Now Enter your Airtel mobile number
  • Then verify your number by Entering OTP
  • Within 1 hour you will receive 1GB Data
  • Voila! Your account credited with 1GB

Note: These above tricks are for new sign up only.

#3: Get 1 GB Data With Airtel Xstream app


You will get 1GB data for installing the Airtel Stream app. Check the steps below to get 1GB free data.

  • First Go to Google Play Store and Download Airtel Xtream app
  • Now open the app and Enter your Airtel Mobile Number
  • Then verify the Number by simply entering the OTP which you received on your Number
  • Boom! You will get 1GB airtel free net balance instantly after registration
  • The validity of the 1GB data only for 3 days

Note: These above tricks are for new sign up only.

#4: Airtel Volte Offer Get 1 GB Data Every Day

With this trick, you will get 30 GB of data. This is an official Airtel Volte Beta offer from airtel for its new users. The offers are for selected states only(I will share the state’s list below). Here is the Airtel 30GB data trick for you.

  • Kerala
  • West Bengal
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Orissa
  • Punjab
  • Assam
  • Bihar

Let’s see how to get the offer. Ifyou are located in the above states then very good and if not then you can try.So let’s see how to get the Airtel Volte Offer.

  • First, you have to visit Airtel Volte Offer Page
  • Now scroll down the page and enter your Airtel mobile number. Verify the number by entering the OTP which you received on the airtel number.
  • Then you will see here if your eligible for this offer or not.
  • Go to settings and set the Airtel SIM as default SIM.
  • Now again go to Settings and enable the VOLTE
  • After 30 minutes you will receive an SMS regarding you will get 10GB data for free.
  • Send Feedback after 4 weeks and you will get 10GB data again
  • Send Feedback after 8 weeks and you will get 10GB data. So total you will get 30 GB data for free with this offer


I have shared some Airtel free data code 2021. I hope now you will get free internet on Airtel. Some tricks are official and some are unofficial.

But I have to mention all the tricks are verified and work great. And these tricks are user specific.

Many times some offers and tricks are not active. So, in that case, you will not able to surf free internet on Airtel. And the second problem is this offer is user-specific. If your family member has Airtel SIM ask them for the SIM.

Best Wishes.

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If you have any doubt, queries, questions, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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Airtel Data Card Recharge Code – Steps On How To Subscribe.

Airtel Data Recharge Code – Are you an airtel user? Are you aware of the airtel data recharge code? Airtel data recharge code is different from credit card number and that is why it is pertinent for you to know. This article will give you Steps On How To Subscribe for Airtel Data Card Recharge Code.

Airtel data code function is for recharging or subscribing to and Airtel data plan or bundle. While the recharge code is an operational code used for recharging airtime only.

To recharge airtel data simply go to your phone’s dial pad and dial *141# and select a suitable data plan for you. Airtel who are known to be among the cheapest data plan providers and customer-care love in Nigeria. Airtel Nigeria keeps surprising us with newer plans.

Airtel Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giants and even though they acquired network license and a customer base from Zain when they acquired the network.

They’ve been able to prove over the years that their intention mainly is to provide their customers with quality network services both Voice and Data.

Airtel Data Recharge Code

If you ever want to subscribe to any data plan then you will definitely need Airtel recharge code to archive in data recharge code is the code that is used to redeem or load Airtel internet data.

The network provider has different levels and types of data plan and each of these data plans has different unique recharge USSD codes. For example, if you want to subscribe to the Airtel night data plan, the code is different from that of a daily data plan.

Below I will state and list out the most important Airtel data recharge code you will need for time to time. The recharge codes will consist of that of night plan, daily, and monthly data subscription.

Airtel Monthly Data Plan Recharge Code

The monthly data plan is different from the night plan and daily plan so it is good to know the code to recharge for Airtel’s monthly plan too. To subscribe to monthly data plan dial this recharge code *141# or follow the steps below

  1. Open your dial pad
  2. Dial this code *141#
  3. A message will pulp up with different data plans
  4. Select the monthly data plan option
  5. Another pulp up message will come up
  6. Choose the data plan with the amount that is suitable for you

How to Recharge Airtel Card Code

If you already have money in your Airtel account balance then you cannot subscribe to the codes I have stated above. You need to learn how to recharge Airtel data with a different Airtel recharge code depending on the amount you want.

Airtel Data Card Software Download Windows 7

If you ever want to subscribe to Airtel data plan and you already have money in your account. Follow my instructions in the next paragraph to subscribe and enjoy any data plan offer. To subscribe to Airtel monthly N1000 data plan to get 1.5GB valid for 30 days and can be used on phone and PC just dial *141*1000#.

With the right Airtel recharge code, you can subscribe or recharge 3.5Gb data for N1500 valid for 30 days just dial *141*1500#. This data plan comes with a 1GB night bonus which you can only use from 12 am to 7 am in the morning.

How to Recharge Data Card Via App

Follow the steps below

  1. Login to your Airtel Thanks App
  2. Click on Recharge
  3. Click on Data Recharge
  4. Enter your registered name or number
  5. Select the operator
  6. Browse for plans or proceed to Pay Now

These two processes would allow you to credit your account without the Airtel recharge code.

Airtel Data Card Recharge With Payments Bank

In order to do this, you will need to create or have an Airtel account. You will also need to download Airtel Thanks App for online payments. In short below is the process to go about it without Airtel data code.

We believe this information on Airtel Data Card Recharge Code: Steps On How To Subscribe is helpful to you? Why not share it with your friends out there by clicking on the share button on this website.

You can as well subscribe to be updated for further information concerning this topic.

CSN Team.

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